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Cybersecurity In 2022 | Trends And Threats

By 2022, cyberattacks are expected to increase significantly, breaking records. Knowing what situation we are going to find ourselves in will help companies and ourselves be forewarned and know how to react to them.

Find out everything about what the State of Cybersecurity will be like in 2022 and all the trends and threats.

What is the situation from 2020 to 2022?

Our whole life changed two years ago, both individually and as a company. Our way of carrying out tasks and functions has been completely modified, giving rise to teleworking.

In 2021, it was confirmed that it is a modality with which we will work indefinitely for now. But it will not be the only one, and it has been shown that the trend for 2022 at work will be hybrid work, some days face-to-face and others from home.

What consequences does this have? Working remotely means using the cloud and systems poses greater danger and risks for cybercriminals. Passwords and accounts play a more critical role, in the same way the network of the space in which we connect.

In April 2020, Google provided data showing that it had blocked more than 240 million messages a day as spam and 18 million phishing emails. The reason? The vast majority of these scam attempts were related to the appearance of COVID and all that it entailed.

In conclusion, adequate technology for remote work is a fundamental factor that companies and ourselves have to consider.

How to face cyber attacks in 2022?

After knowing the main threats we face in cyberspace, we must know how to deal with them so that it affects us as little as possible. How to manage Cybersecurity in 2022?

  • Eliminating is essential: the information from the browsers and applications that we do not use since they could pose a danger.
  • Access security: use truly reliable passwords, not repeated, and other options such as multi-factor authentication.
  • Backup copies: making three different copies of the data, two different supports, and one of the copies is housed in another location that is not the office.
  • Updates: there are times when we do not accept the update of our device at first, but it always offers us an extra level of security.
  • Information and knowledge: Being proactive and knowing the latest news about Cybersecurity in 2022 will ensure that we, our work, and our environment are totally, or for the most part, protected.

Getting to have all our data safe from cyber-attacks will depend on the steps we take, which should be: prevention, detection, response, reaction, and remedy, which are points that we must follow. It is essential that, at a general level, we improve cybersecurity management in 2022 and the resources we invest in it.

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