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Best Three Digital Project Management Tools

Efficiency and productivity are two key factors when developing and monitoring team projects. Luckily, nowadays, we have project management tools at our disposal that make it easier for us to coordinate and carry them out through all kinds of digital platforms.

These tools allow us to see, manage, and analyze each of the projects that we are carrying out synchronously with the rest of the users who participate in it, from the moment they start until they reach their end.

We have made a selection of the three best project management apps. Some are ideal for large teams or agencies, while others are better suited to small projects. It will be up to you to choose the one that best suits your needs. Take note!

Digital Project Management Tools


Basic online tool for collaborative project management. Ideally, Trello is totally useful for managing projects large and small . It is based on the Kanban method, allowing users to know the work processes, the tasks to be carried out, what is being done, and what is finished.

The interface is based on assigning cards to tasks, which move from one column to another. We can easily navigate the boards and move our cards by using drag and drop. Even though to enjoy all the functionalities of Trello, you must pay a monthly fee; this project management platform has a completely free version. In addition, it allows you to attach external files and link documents from different clouds. It is compatible with tools like Google Drive and Dropbox, which is very useful.

Although these characteristics do not differ entirely from the rest of the tools, as a point in favor of Trello, we can say that it has its mobile app .

Pricing: Trello pricing starts from $10 USD (Premium) per user per month.


It’s one of the most comprehensive project management software tools out there today, making it ideal for large teams with different departments. The platform includes an internal chat that greatly facilitates communication between team members. It allows creating different projects to assign to each of the teams that we register in the tool. Each user will see in a single section (My Tasks) all the tasks assigned to them, in addition to having a project progress bar and various statistics related to each of them. It is a very useful solution to coordinate projects with large teams.

In addition, the free version is somewhat limited: it gives the possibility of working with 15 users and with limited boards.

Pricing: Asana pricing starts from $10.99 USD (Premium) per user per month.


Again, we find an intuitive and easy-to-use digital project management tool. It has a very simple control panel that shows the evolution of each project in a very visual way. In addition, it allows you to create processes and tasks, assigning them to different work teams and controlling their progress throughout the development of each active project.

Monday has many tutorials and daily webinars, which allows us to make the most of the tool’s performance. Even so, it can fall a bit short for very large projects, so it is a highly recommended software for moderate processes.

Pricing: Monday.com pricing starts from $10 USD (Standard) per user per month.

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