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Strategies To Improve The Positioning Of A Company On The Internet

Have you embarked on an online project and want to be successful with your company? Do you want to stand out from your competition? The Internet has become an indispensable tool to promote your brand’s services and products. But getting optimal results on the Internet is not so easy. There is more and more competition, and everyone wants to get the highest visibility. It is known as web positioning, and for this, you have to implement a digital marketing strategy to get more customers who come to your website and increase profits.

But how can I improve my positioning on the Internet? We give you some tips that will help you increase your profits and grow as a company. Are you ready?

Web positioning Vs brand positioning

Within digital marketing, there are two concepts that, although they may seem the same, should not be confused.

Brand positioning or branding

It is the place that a product or service occupies in the minds of consumers thanks to a business strategy.

Types of brand positioning

To achieve optimal web positioning, we need brand positioning strategies. We have made the following classification according to the following parameters:

  • According to the characteristics of the product or service. Please take into account what differentiates us from the rest of the competition, and highlight some features.
  • It takes into account the customer. It refers to the word of mouth of the consumers themselves. Telling your experiences makes a product or service more successful without the need for an advertising campaign.
  • According to the benefits of that product or service. Highlight the advantages of what we offer. For example, free shipping costs, add an offer or special promotion to build customer loyalty.
  • According to the quality and price of the product or service. If we sell luxury products, highlight the high quality that we make available to the customer.
  • Depending on the competition. We can highlight some characteristics in comparison with the market competition—for example, the lowest and most competitive prices.
  • According to the time of year. The positioning of seasonal products or services is not the same, for example, the sale of Christmas products.

Web positioning

It is an organic positioning based on search engines or SEO; it is about results, not paid advertising. It is used to make the website of a specific brand stand out in the consumer’s search results.

How to carry out web positioning strategies

To be seen and have greater visibility of our brand on the Internet, it is necessary to carry out web positioning strategies. Google is the one who provides us with the tools so that we can receive more visits, and our brand differentiates itself from the rest of the competition. The objective is to be in the first positions of the search pages. First of all, you must take into account some essential factors.

  • Study your current situation: Thanks to what is known as SWOT: an analysis of your weaknesses, threats, strengths and opportunities.
  • Analyze your potential consumers: Find out what is the profile of your audience, their interests and needs. To achieve better positioning, it is better to segment the market.
  • Analyze your competition: Search and study the behaviour of your competitors and their positioning strategies.
  • What are your competitive advantages? How are you different from others? What mistakes is your competition making? Ask yourself these questions and give them an answer.

Next, we propose some of the actions that will help you improve your web positioning.

SEM positioning

It is known as Search Engine Marketing and is based on techniques for promoting a website through paid ads or advertising platforms such as Google AdWords. Here the positioning results are almost immediate.

SEO positioning

It is the set of techniques to increase the visibility of a website in the organic results of the different search engines. It is a natural positioning without advertising. And they can be of two types:

SEO on page

They are all the actions done to explain to Google in the most straightforward and most uncomplicated way what your website is like. And this is achieved thanks to specific keywords or Keywords and an orderly web structure, using good content, Meta title, Url, Alt tags, etc.

SEO off-page

They are the actions carried out outside our website to improve traffic and the visibility of our page, such as obtaining links and sharing content on social networks.

Positioning in Social Networks

Today there is no marketing if there is no presence on social networks. The actions carried out in the different social platforms and forums are another way to obtain an optimal positioning on the Internet. For this, it is necessary to create and plan your content about the brand, share it on social networks and receive feedback, which is as positive as possible.

Content marketing

Creating and offering quality, relevant, helpful content that is easy to attract our audience is the objective of our website. Create a Blog and feed it with content periodically.

Monitor your results

It is essential to know if what we are doing to improve positioning is correct or not. For this, the results obtained must be analyzed and measured. Based on that, we can improve the image of our brand.

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