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Best Free Project Management Software

You are looking for a tool to help you plan your work and improve the management of your professional projects. Many solutions allow you to deal with the different activities related to your projects to allow you to keep an eye on the progress of each of them.

To make your choice, we have selected the best free project management software available. Discover in our article their strengths and weaknesses, and finally, find the one that suits you.

1. Trello

Trello is a very popular project management tool. Its easy-to-use interface and its free access are certainly the basis of its notoriety. Trello can be used online by simply logging into your account and does not require any installation. This tool is compatible with all types of fixed and mobile supports for use at any time, including when on the move.

Trello streamlines the management of professional tasks via customizable tables and cards, like a Gantt chart. It allows you to include deadlines in certain tasks, the name of the person in charge of carrying it out, and to provide details on each card. This table can be shared with other users to carry out collaborative work and send notifications to the people concerned by the tasks in progress.

What the free version contains

The free version of Trello allows you to create an unlimited number of cards and a maximum of 10 boards with 1 power upper board. You can store an unlimited number of files (within the limit of 10MB / file). You can automate 50 order fills per month, manage managers and deadlines for your cards and use it on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Pricing: Trello pricing plan starts from $5 (Standard) per user per month.

2. Monday

Monday.com is used from a web browser, and allows your collaborators to create, plan and organize tasks to build projects of all kinds. With Monday, you can work as a team, integrating members of your company, but including external contributors. You can assign specific tasks to any member or to your teams, and set deadlines for each.

Users can share documents, comment on items, and discuss projects right from Monday.

What the free version contains

The free version offers 200 task templates that you can customize. It allows 2 collaborators to manage an unlimited number of projects on an interface to integrate an unlimited number of tables and 20 columns.

Pricing: Monday.com pricing plan starts from $8 (basic) per user per month.

3. Asana

Asana is a Trello-like tool for organizing your teamwork tasks online. With Asana, it is possible to manage multiple tasks for each project and a plan to list your appointments and deadlines. You can share attachments related to your projects and interact with your collaborators directly from the platform.

Asana also allows you to create reports to track the progress and completion of projects and create custom fields for each member to ensure that all the necessary information is sent to the right people. You can also establish a precise chronological order to organize your different tasks.

What the free version contains

The free version of Asana allows you to manage personal and professional tasks individually or in teams of up to 15 people. Tasks, projects, and messages are unlimited. You can manage deadlines and assign responsibility for each task. A calendar view and an activity log allow you to quickly visualize the tasks in progress and the deadlines. The free version is available on desktop and mobile devices.

Pricing: Asana pricing plan starts from $10.99 (premium) per user per month.

4. GanttProject

GanttProject is a free open-source project management solution that allows you to follow the evolution of a company’s activities step by step. You can create interdependent tasks to build complete projects.

GanttProject is used as a team and allows you to share documents with your colleagues to share information on tasks to be done or in progress. GanttProject can record deadlines for each task to meet the deadlines imposed by your different projects.

You can then follow the progress of these from a dashboard in the form of diagrams, tables, and graphs.

What the free version contains

GanttProject being a completely free open source solution, all features are available upon installation without additional payment for any option.

5. Freedcamp

Freedcamp is a particularly famous tool. It allows you to program and monitor a company’s projects on a clear and easy-to-use interface. You plan your various jobs on a calendar or a diagram, and you assign tasks to your various collaborators. Your customers can also be involved in your tables and follow the progress of their orders in real-time. They can even use the tool to interact with your teams in real-time.

It is possible to insert documents into your projects to provide all the essential elements for the accomplishment of these projects.

What the free version contains

In the free version of Freedcamp, you can manage your projects and tasks with an online data storage space of 10MB and an unlimited number of users. You also have access to a shared calendar to manage your teamwork.

Pricing: Freedcamp pricing plan starts from $1.49 (pro) per user per month.

6. Wrike

Wrike is available in the cloud and allows you to organize your business tasks and projects online. Thanks to its many features designed to facilitate the management and monitoring of projects, Wrike lightens the work of team managers.

An interactive calendar allows you to plan different tasks, determining a date when they should be completed. You can use the Wrike dashboard to check the progress of different projects. Your teams can use the integrated discussion tools to exchange opinions or information on work in progress. Teamwork is the best Wrike alternative.

What the free version contains

The free version gives you access to the interface for as many users as you want. You can manage your tasks and projects there seamlessly and share them instantly with your employees. However, the number of active tasks will be limited.

Pricing: Wrike pricing plan starts from $9.80 (professional) per user per month.

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