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White Hat SEO: Positioning In Google Without Breaking The Rules

Do you know what White Hat SEO is? Improve your website traffic with a positioning that meets the standards.

Being present in Google forces you to do an intense job of positioning, SEO. SEO brings together all those strategies designed to make certain websites appear at the top of the search to queries from internet users.

It is a discipline in continuous evolution, but that depends significantly on the changes established in the Google algorithm. The White Hat SEO is precisely this group of techniques that comply with regulations imposed by the Internet giant, thus avoiding being penalized.

What is White Hat SEO?

Positioning on the internet is like a big market. Like any other sector, there are valid and respected techniques and many others that, although they offer good results in the short term, do so at the cost of making the platform lose prestige, in this case, Google, which is the leading search engine of the moment.

When we talk about white hat SEO, we do just the opposite, go to the cleanest and safest variant of positioning. They are ethical, transparent, and non-penalizing techniques, the most respectful way to do SEO.

It is called White Hat because the Black Hat is opposed. The latter seeks to achieve rapid positioning by resorting to techniques that may even be prohibited by search engine algorithms and lead to penalties.

Practising this white positioning is one way to comply with SEO law. It implies more constant and long-term work but more secure in time and with greater possibilities for growth. Between Black and White, there is also a comprehensive scenario where the Grey Hat moves, which includes actions in the limit of what is allowed, without going beyond that SEO contrary to the norms.

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What returns does it offer to implement white positioning strategies?

The most beneficial aspect of practicing White Hat SEO is the security it brings. Adapting to the rules proposed by the Google algorithm guarantees not being penalized. On the other hand, appearing in the top positions of the search engine doing things according to the rules is an ethical way of working, bringing real value to users.

In the end, positioning is a way to grow on the internet, but if there is nothing true behind those preferential search results, the user will go to other options.

Nor should we forget the stability offered by the compliant positioning, which is up against the Black Hat. The pages that use evil arts to position themselves among the first places in the searches obtain revenues concisely, but exposing themselves to very high risk since the fall in the rankings is very hard.

The opposite practice, the one that conforms to the rules, is an ideal long-term strategy since Google’s algorithm rewards such behaviour even when it changes its policy. In this way, white positioning helps to generate organic and high-quality traffic, which translates into improvements in lead generation and conversions.

How to implement White Hat strategies?

It is positioning according to the norms has as a primary strategy the research of keywords and their natural inclusion in texts, images, and headings. These are the ones that determine the rank of a text and if it is attractive to Internet users.

Along with keywords, quality, original content is also valued positively. This leads to improved reputation and brand image. Nor should we forget the structuring of content and URLs, with close links and responsive design, that is, spaces adapted to your query from mobile devices.

The White Hat brings together a set of techniques that require a lot of work to implement, but the result is spaces that are more visited by users and awarded by search engines.

How does Google penalize Black Hat?

After all this, the most resounding response to the need to comply with the rules proposed by Google is that its structure is used, and non-compliance can lead to significant penalties.

The SEO Google penalties range from losing much of the page to the search disappearing from organic traffic. These dark, not very clean positioning techniques are cloaking, spinning articles, negative SEO, or the massive generation of links to web spaces that you want to position.

The algorithm Google is increasingly working smarter, forcing users to provide quality content. Going to the Black Hat is a very short-term alternative that does not even ensure good results in that period. So the best solution is to work well on digital marketing and online reputation.

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