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Java vs. JavaScript: Which Programming Language To Learn In 2023

We are at the gates of a new year, and after taking stock of the last twelve months, you may be considering learning a programming language in 2023. Whether it’s because you want a change of scene at work or because you currently want to train to enter the technology sector, it’s natural that you wonder which is the best option between two of the most popular programming languages: Java and JavaScript.

Although both are programming languages ​​widely used by hundreds of thousands of companies in the IT sector, you need to know that both have their strengths and weaknesses. Therefore there may be purposes for which one is more recommended.

What is Java: an object-oriented language

Java is a general-purpose programming language that has been used for a long time for different projects. It is popular for being a very secure language and is often used in enterprise applications and building applications for Android mobile devices.

Java is based on the concept of “objects” that have attributes and behaviours. This may sound Chinese, but you should know that Java is a structured and easy-to-understand language tool for beginners compared to other programming languages. Also, Java is a compiled programming language, meaning your code is translated into a machine-understandable language before it is executed to display the final result. This, which is a performance advantage, obviously also means that the development process is slower than with an interpreted programming language such as JavaScript.

JavaScript: the language of the future present in web pages

On the other hand, JavaScript is a programming language used primarily (though not only for that) to add interactivity to web pages. It is a general-purpose and dynamic programming language, which means it is versatile and can be used for various projects. We have included JavaScript in the agenda of our Web Programming Bootcamp because we consider it the fundamental piece of the present and the future for all those who wish to learn web programming. And we don’t just teach it on its own but in its relationship with technologies like HTML and CSS, which are essential to master web development.

Although JavaScript is primarily used in website development, it has also become increasingly popular for hybrid application development, which combines web and mobile development and web-based desktop applications. JavaScript has become even more important over time, and today is an essential technology for professionals who want to become a profile that fits most companies. According to the Stack Overflow Programming Language Popularity Index, JavaScript is the most popular programming language globally and is expected to remain the leader in the future.

One of the advantages of JavaScript is that it is an interpreted programming language, meaning the code is executed directly without compiling it. This can make the development process faster and more dynamic, but it can also affect application performance in some cases, depending on the project and its ambition.

What programming language is easier to learn?

Regarding the difficulty of handling them with ease, both programming languages ​​have their learning curve. Java can be a bit more difficult to learn at first due to its more rigid syntax and the need to compile your code before running it. However, once the basics are understood, Java becomes a more user-friendly language.

If we talk about JavaScript, it is necessary to remember that you will only be able to learn some of its secrets overnight, especially for those with experience in web development. But what would rewarding challenges be without some challenges? However, once the basics are understood, JavaScript is relatively easy to master and is a dynamic and fun programming language to learn. We take this very seriously and have adapted the contents so that people who have never used this language can quickly internalize its essential concepts. Once you do, you will be surprised at what you can achieve with this tool.

Which programming language is better: Java or JavaScript?

At this point, it is necessary to face the definitive question: what to study in 2023: Java or JavaScript? The simple answer, if there is such a thing, is that both programming languages ​​have pros and cons. However, we believe that JavaScript is the preferred option because it is a more versatile language widely used in almost any web page or mobile app development, making it more useful in various fields.

Also, with the increasing popularity of web-based desktop applications, JavaScript is becoming an increasingly important programming language. Offering a short and direct answer, if you learn JavaScript in 2023, it is a fact that you will become a highly demanded professional profile for companies internationally.

Java and JavaScript are popular and widely used programming languages ​​in the IT industry. Still, we sincerely believe that JavaScript is the option you should prioritize if you intend to learn the most future-proof technology and an extremely successful and popular present. It is versatile, used everywhere, and not extremely difficult to master. It can even be fun to learn because of its dynamic syntax!

In short, the best option to learn programming in 2023 will depend on your interests and personal goals. Still, JavaScript is a solid and recommendable option for those interested in software development at the gates of a new year where technology does not stop evolving. The demand for profiles trained for web programming continues growing in companies of all sectors.

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