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What Are The Best Drones To Take Selfies?

How many selfies can someone take in a day? If you also like to collect selfies, try different options to save your best faces and surprise others. Do not hesitate and level up with the best drones to take the most incredible self-portraits. This selection tells you which ones are on the market at interesting prices.

Drones will take all the photos you need

Many companies want to apply robotics to their products. Electronic and automated devices are the foundation of many projects, increasing production throughput and speed. Even logistics companies are looking for ways to add drones to their transport fleet.

Drones reached the general public as “toys” to have fun, take photos or record videos. Today they have become popular, and their prices are much more affordable, but spending too much money on a playful device is still not necessary.

If incredible photos from unlikely angles are your thing, you can try to surprise your friends with the best aerial photos. In this selection, you will find the best drones to take selfies whenever possible.

The best drones for taking selfies

There are many proposals on the market in this regard. And these devices hardly weigh or take up space, so they are very comfortable to transport. Thus, it may become one more element for your trips.

DOBBY Mini Selfie Pocket Drone

If you want to bet on quality, perhaps the Mini Selfie Pocket from the Dobby brand is your thing. Its 13 MP HD camera is one of the most interesting on the market.

Use it to capture images in 4K and enjoy its digital stabilizer that works wonders from 1080p.

Thanks to its facial detection AI, this pocket model can follow a person while recording or taking photos. It is perfect for staying in the air taking shots and without losing sight of the user. Its price is about 50 euros.

Drone Quadcopter JJRC H37

Another option is the JJRC H37, which stands out for its compact design. It has four propellers and different flight modes and is capable of connecting to the WiFi network if possible.

It costs about 30 euros, and for this tight price, it offers a 4K camera that allows you to work with different commands, so that very interesting shots come out.


A model that features folding arms; We are talking about a slightly larger drone with a 720P camera that allows you to get great selfies effortlessly.

It also has a WiFi connection and an altitude lock system to make a shot as stable as possible. Its price is also very affordable, specifically just over 30 euros.

3DR Solo Drone

This device directly records the content on your phone, so you can access all the videos you capture and share. But the best thing is that it is compatible with GoPro sports cameras. Its price is high-end: almost 500 euros.

And you, have you already tried taking selfies with drones?

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