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What Are The Benefits Of Being On YouTube?

Those who have followed in YouTube’s footsteps from the beginning know all the steps the platform has taken over time to improve its service.

If we have already gone through several significant milestones – such as the arrival of streaming or, more recently, YouTube Shorts – we are currently in a kind of “new resurgence” both for the end user and brands.

And it is that YouTube is not only more alive than ever, but it is also in one of the most important moments in its history, thanks to the ease of creating content within our reach.

If you want to be visible, retain your audience, find a new communication channel, support your marketing campaigns or become an expert in your field, the time has come for you to turn on the camera and start recording.

Youtube for Companies, An Ally?

Much is said about the importance of social networks in any self-respecting digital marketing strategy. Still, it is important to emphasize that the main drawback lies in the networks’ volatility.

The content we upload to the internet tends to be quite temporary, and if you don’t believe me, think about the number of videos, posts, photos, etc. What do you see daily? Our brain is unable to process all the information. We would go crazy.

This content is based on pure entertainment, and that’s fine because it’s obviously in high demand (Youtube Shorts had 1 BILLION views in the first year of its release).

But entertaining is not the only way to upload content to networks and, in this case, to YouTube. If it has become the second most used search engine in the world, it is because of queries (or queries ) related to: “How [insert your question here].”

These types of questions, more than entertainment, are a form of education, and this is where the key for companies lies.

An example of a company that entertains and educates on YouTube is Domoelectra. They will tell you that the key is understanding what their audience wants and making content based on it, which is true.

But it is undoubtedly true that he has merged entertainment and education to achieve the records he manages today.

Create a brand image on Youtube

We agree, therefore, that the opportunity to improve our visibility as a brand is within our reach. The tricky thing is to get in front of a camera and provide valuable content, but we will talk about this later.

The important thing is to understand that this channel is perfect for communicating to our audience who we are and transmitting brand values, which is otherwise more complicated.

Let’s imagine for a moment that we are a bookstore. We will all agree on the urgent need to turn around the book sales business model since it is clear that better times have passed in its history.

How can a bookstore improve its brand image, reach more potential customers and entertain its audience? Of course, it is not easy, but there are ways to do it.

Three come to Mind for me:

Readings of the first chapters of new books that are going to come out or have just come out. Many people look for this information before going to a bookstore to buy a book.

  • Audiobooks. This concept is rising, and many copyright-free works can be published on video.
  • Reviews by authors. Or what is the same, to give an expert opinion on some author or work.

They are examples of how any business can make content on Youtube and improve its brand image. What is clear is that the limit is in our creativity.

Use Youtube as a strategy against the Competition

If you are not on YouTube, your competition will be. And that potential market niche will belong to someone else, so it will be more challenging to start later. Am I being catastrophic enough?

Indeed you are convinced that you have to start making videos, but you don’t know where to start, or you are overwhelmed by the amount of things you need to learn.

Don’t worry; it’s normal; our most extensive advice here is to take it easy and start small. The first thing you should do is see what your competition is doing or, as we say in marketing, benchmark your competitors.

I know that sounds like a super complicated technique, and in a way, depending on the level of analysis, it is. But what I suggest is that you do the following (seriously, you’ll see how simple it is):

  • Write on a piece of paper those phrases or words that describe what your YouTube channel is about.
  • Make a list of 5-10 words/phrases.
  • Open YouTube and search for those words.
  • Write the name of the channels that appear on your list.
  • Enter each of the channels, watch the last 20-30 videos published, and select themes that are similar to yours.

If you repeat this last step with all the channels you have discovered, you will have achieved two things: you will know what your competition is talking about, and you will also have a list of topics to make videos without having even stopped to think about it.

Okay, but it is just as important to be clear about the content we will upload to make it easy for YouTube’s neural network to position it for us.

Does that sound like SEO to you? Well, just in case, let’s do a little review.

How to implement Seo on your Youtube Channel

Do not worry; we are not going to do an SEO masterclass; it is not the objective of this article, but to understand the next point, we have to talk a little about it.

Those who spend all day stringing together marketing strategies are very aware of the importance of SEO, but sometimes it isn’t easy to explain.

What we are looking for with SEO on YouTube are two main objectives:

  • That our videos appear in the first positions in the searches and the recommended ones on the platform.
  • That our videos can be positioned in Google for this type of search.

To do this, we must minimally take care of some things when uploading videos. For example:

The video’s title must be attractive, and the ideal is to use copywriting techniques. Think that someone who does not know you, through the title, must be curious to click.

The description should also be careful. If we want to choose to position our videos on Google, one of the best ways to “encourage” YouTube is by adding chapters to the video. This is very simple; we have to put the minute in which the chapter begins, and YouTube will cut it automatically. For example, 1:12 How to make an SEO strategy.

Using playlists is practically essential. I don’t know if you know this, but YouTube loves order, and lists are a practical way to organize video categories.

Labels are necessary but not essential. I advise adding about 10-12 that you think to define your video. It is true that years ago, they were taken into account more, but they have lost value over time.

Use tools like VidIQ. It is a free Chrome extension that will be integrated into your YouTube channel and will help you improve the SEO of your videos with very, very simple explanations.

You always have the option of hiring an expert to upload those videos and create an SEO strategy, but it never hurts to learn, right?

Offer content that contributes

Finally, one of the most important things for a brand to grow on YouTube is to make content that contributes. Here we are going to differentiate two types of the main content:

  • Trending: Content that is trending or, you know, will get a lot of searches because it’s on everyone’s lips. We have the possibility of being viral, but it tends (pun intended) to be very volatile and ends up being buried over time.
  • Evergreen: This content is the one that lasts forever and does not follow trends or fads… The perfect example is cooking recipes. Everyone is looking for how to make lentils; even though, in many cases, you know how to make them (I confess, I do).

Which one adds more value? Both add value; the main difference is that the content based on trends is positioned faster and disappears, while the evergreen content is the opposite.

The idea is to combine both options, reach a larger audience, and have our market niche very well defined, although, to tell you the truth, the latter sometimes comes alone.

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