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What Are Mobile Marketing And Its Importance For Companies

There are still users who wonder what Mobile Marketing is. This is defined as the set of Marketing actions and techniques aimed at mobile devices where the design, implementation and execution of specific actions are necessary.

The importance of advertising on these devices is making its way into the marketing strategies of companies as users show an increasing predisposition to use their smartphones for their purchases and transactions.

Every day more people use a smartphone and surf the Internet through it. In its study on Internet Navigators, the Media Research Association (AIMC) shows us some data to take into account, such as the fact that 91.5% of citizens use their smartphones to connect to the Internet. More than 60% do so through various devices such as computers, tablets to which smart TVs have been added in recent times.

All this information makes us consider that it is not enough to have online marketing strategies for conventional web pages. Still, it is necessary to adapt products and services to smartphones and take advantage of this interesting opportunity. Currently, the Google search engine penalizes all those websites that are not adapted to these devices.

Today thousands of companies are incorporating mobile marketing into their corporate strategies, considering that it is one of the sales channels with the highest growth today and shortly.

The Future of Mobile Marketing

The mobile phone has become essential for a large part of the world’s population; With the pandemic, the use of this device has increased to 4 hours and 20 minutes a day on average and has highlighted its usefulness for making transactions and purchases that have visibly increased. In a study carried out by Deloitte, it is stated that 35% of Spaniards use their smartphone to search for products and services at least once a week; of these, 56% conclude with the purchase of products through the device and 40% in the case of services; it is also the main means to consult reviews and opinions that lead to making that final purchase decision.

In the study carried out by eMarketer, spending on mobile marketing in Europe’s most important countries will reach 43,000 million dollars in 2023. Smartphones, 5G, private marketplaces, and measurement and targeting will be the keys to the Mobile Marketing advertising channel.

Main Strategies to implement in Mobile Marketing

Responsive Design

Many web pages are already adapted to mobile devices; however, in some, the content is not displayed correctly (texts or images that do not fit the screen), and navigation becomes tedious or impossible for users. This is why it is essential to have a web page adapted to mobile devices ( responsive webs ), not only for its correct visualization but because, as we have commented previously, all those that are not will be penalized.

Content Adaptation

The use of the mobile for reading is rare. Users generally use other devices such as computers when reading complex and detailed documents that require their attention. However, the use of tablets for reading is more and more frequent.

An effective content strategy for Mobile Marketing is visual elements such as short videos or images that impact the user and retain their attention. Therefore, concise, easy-to-read and powerful content should be developed.

Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Currently, we have different platforms to carry out advertising actions that segment only for mobile devices. The most prominent are Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, YouTube, Bing, etc.

Suppose you know your potential customer profile and the behaviour they usually have on the network. In that case, digital advertising is a very useful option to take into account.

QR codes

The use of QR codes is becoming more and more frequent as a means of advertising due to their versatility. They can be used for promotions, links to a letter, discount coupons, etc. With them, you can access any address or URL instantly just by scanning it.

Mobile Email Marketing

Email Marketing is another very interesting strategy to implement in Mobile Marketing strategies. Millions of people open their email daily from their mobile devices, so it can become a tool to reach thousands of people and generate attraction and loyalty of potential customers.

Local Mobile Marketing (Geolocation)

If your business has a physical store open to the public, the use of geolocation is practically necessary. This strategy is essential for local businesses since Google will prioritize proximity searches in its results.

Some examples would be Google Places, Google My Business, Foursquare, QDQ Guide, Facebook Places, or Yelp.


Creating an App is a very interesting strategy since when it is implemented, it generates a reaction in the user who uses it of participation and interaction with the brand.

We encourage all companies and businesses interested in developing their online brand to implement the necessary changes in their marketing strategy to access the Mobile market, which is in the process of exponential growth.

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