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Use Iphone Emojis On Android Mobiles

Among all the possibilities that iPhones offer uniquely and exclusively on iOS, we find the more than well-known emojis. A style of animated emoticons that we can use to our liking to share them on social networks or chat conversations.

Its appearance is very striking and fun, allowing us to have a great time both creating it and later using it. We know that emojis on Android is not possible in the same way, although there are options that you should try, as they are very close to being the same.

So that you do not have to try all the apps that promise the possibility of creating emojis on Android phones, we have made a selection with the best options that you have at your disposal, so that you can see for yourself the results and values which is the one that best suits you convinces. They all have their pros and cons, but surely you end up liking some app.

Alternatives to iPhone emojis for Android

All the options that we are going to know are free and allow us the desired result.

However, aesthetics are not what we can expect in all of them. Depending on what we are looking for, it will be better for us to opt for one application or another.

As you can see in the image above, the look of iPhone emojis is very well defined and offers a lot of features, accessories, and characterizations.

Some of them will also be able to be used in Android with the alternatives, although others we already anticipate that it will not be easy.

Use emojis on Android without downloading anything

Although sometimes we are very complicated looking for options, the first alternative that we find to be able to give life to Google emojis on Android is on the mobile keyboard itself.

The more than well-known Gboard, which comes by default in countless Android phones, allows us to have access to some fun animated emoticons that, although they are not aesthetically similar to the best, do avoid having to download anything.

To start using these fun emojis, we only have to touch on the keyboard icon and access this option as we show you in the images.

Afterward, we will be able to start with a selfie, which allows us to create a character that we can then quickly share with friends.

There are several emojis that we can use and the best of all is that they are sent by WhatsApp or Telegram as if they were real emoticons and not as an image.

Zepeto, the best emoji app on Android

If what we want are authentic animated iPhone emoticons on Android, the Zepeto app is all we need.

For free, simple, and fast we can download the app and start creating our character. We can choose from the most characteristic features to the clothes that identify us.

When using the emoji on the mobile, we can see how the animations follow our gestures and this allows us a more than satisfactory result.

In addition, we can play with funds to give life to a series of hand gestures, or other extra accessories such as for Christmas.

However, when it comes to sharing them on social networks or in messaging applications, they are sent as a photo and not as a sticker or emoticon.

Download Zepeto on Android mobiles

Bitmoji, a well-known option

The most popular application for creating emojis or something like that is without a doubt Bitmoji. This application rose to fame thanks to Snapchat, but it also works independently and allows us to bring our emojis to life.

It is a highly recommended option for those who want endless options and customization.

When it comes to characterizing the character, not a single detail is missing, and that is because the clipart images also give a lot of themselves.

The only but, as before, is that if we share it on social networks, it will be sent as an image and not as an emoticon or sticker.

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