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Tips To Make Your Android Mobile Battery Last Longer

All mobile users are affected by a battery that does not last as it used to, now the battery of our mobiles lasts for one day or if we are lucky something else. This can be affected by many factors, such as the screen, applications, and the different sensors that mobile phones offer us.

If we want to save battery for specific moments to be able to increase the duration, we have to take into account and follow all the tips that we are going to expose you next.

Different ways to save battery on your mobile

To save battery on our mobile, we will have to take note and be very attentive to everything that we are going to tell you, depending on the type of user we are, some tips will be more appropriate for us than others, we will only have to choose which ones may affect us more.

Battery saving mode

In all Android phones, we are going to find a battery-saving mode that allows us to reduce consumption with different functions, some of them we can activate or deactivate at our whim, but from this button, we are going to increase battery-saving without having to do nothing else.

By activating battery-saving we are making our device stop synchronizing some processes and that can prevent us from receiving some notifications, so it is better to activate it in specific situations and not make prolonged use in this way. If we want to save a little by little battery on our mobile we have to follow the advice that follows.

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Manual screen brightness

In our mobile phones, we have a sensor that determines the light it is receiving and is what makes the brightness of the mobile screen adapt to the environment. This can be very useful, but the truth is that it is a sensor that is continuously analyzing the light it receives and can involve a significant energy expenditure.

In case we choose to deactivate it, we will have to worry about raising and lowering the brightness manually every time we change the situation, something that can be difficult to go outside in the full sun or the morning if we leave the brightness unadjusted. Despite everything, it can be a good option for specific cases.

Take advantage of AMOLED screens and dark mode

We cannot forget another aspect that directly affects the battery of our Android mobile, it is about the screen and the colors. With the arrival of AMOLED screens, we obtained a better resolution, more realistic colors, and at the same time the possibility of not having to completely activate all the pixels of the device, each one being indifferent to the rest.

If our screen has this technology, we can do that from it and prevent the battery from draining more quickly, we will do this for example with wallpapers adapted to this technology and that prevent all the pixels from having to be on. With the arrival of Android 10, the dark mode was also created and standardized, which in addition to avoiding damaging our eyes with the blue light we already talked about, makes the battery consumption less and we can enjoy our mobile for a longer time without having to be tied to a plug.

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Be careful with the applications that consume the most

In our Android phones sometimes we have countless applications that we do not use, this can directly affect our battery and to check them we only have to go to the smartphone settings, press on battery, and check the cost of each application, taking into account the use we make of each one also counts.

Facebook, for example, is one of the most consuming and although over time it has been updated to improve, like others, it continues to be an important and striking result. Among other options such as games, apps that often send notifications, on or many others that you can analyze and discard if they do not offer you any advantage or utility for the consumption that they do in the foreground or second.

Deactivate everything you don’t use

To finish but not least, we find everything that we can deactivate if we do not want the battery to be affected and it allows us to continue using the mobile without any problem. The first thing is the vibration or sound response when touching the screen, back buttons, or typing, something that although it may be a minimal expense, is repeated continuously.

Among the shortcuts of our mobile we also find the possibility of turning off the GPS and re-activating it when we need it, along with the NFC that we possibly only use to pay with the device or Bluetooth that although it consumes less and less and offers better optimization, it can be something to consider if we are low on battery.

Mobile phones increasingly have more functions that make our day to day easier, although if we do not know how to optimize resources, we can find ourselves in the middle of the day without enough battery and we do not always have the possibility of standing next to the mobile to charge it.

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