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Putlockers | Best And Free Putlocker Alternatives | Watch Premium Movies, Web series, Shows For Free [Mar 2024]

Putlockers is one of the famous and free streaming entertainment websites that went online in 2011. The website’s original creations are from the U.K. Putlocker is one of the most active websites to attract daily visitors and has become one of the top modern and trending websites in the United kingdom.

Putlockers website has about fifty mirror or proxy names and has changed its domain names multiple times due to being irreligious. However, there are some words: Putlocker, Putlockers, Putlocker 9, putlocker io, putlocker.Me, putlocker.F.M, putlockers.C.Z, where users and film lovers constantly searched to find this glorious free streaming website.

What is a Putlockers?

Putlocker is the collective name for a spread of streaming websites for movies and tv shows. All the Putlocker sites bear the title ‘Putlocker‘ with entirely different domain extensions.

The website originated among the dominion in 2010-2011. With a brief span of it being slow, the positioning started receiving many users from around the world, significantly after the clean-up of Megaupload.

Putlocker was one of the ranking websites worldwide. It was rated amongst the top 250 most visited websites by Alexa. The website was prohibited and blocked by the U.K. authorities following a legal order because of copyright violations.

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Is Putlockers Safe To Access?

Putlockers free streaming website is safe to use unless you utilize an accurate premium VPN service. However, if you’re not using any premium VPN, then there are high possibilities that your device is tormented by malware. Most of those varieties of websites have popup ads that build these websites that are risky to access.

When you click on the website, and since those popup ads, there are possibilities that the website is redirected to completely different pages. Whereas not your interference, you’d probably end up downloading unknown viruses that are harmful to your devices.

Lastly, we conclude that using a premium VPN service is the best-suited option to secure your device.

What edges you have got If you employ A VPN

  • Blocks every kind of malware, intrusive ads, trackers which might contain harmful computer code package that affects your device
  • VPN permits you to access the geo-restricted content (i.e., ISP, government, work restricted websites) by masking the recent field of study address, thereby supplying you with the new field of study.
  • One of the accessible top edges a VPN provides is that your sensitive and personal information is secured. It avoids data leaks.
  • It hides your field of study address, your location, your activity online.
  • It helps to avoid facing proceedings and provides many security measures.

Top 10 VPN Services For Putlocker

  • NordVPN
  • Surf Shark
  • ExpressVPN
  • Tunnelbear
  • Windscribe
  • Ultravpn
  • Ipvanish
  • Hotspot defend
  • CyberGhost VPN
  • Private VPN

Putlockers Official website History

After the initial Putlocker website shutdown, the streaming service has changed the website address numerous times.

Various sites contain the name ‘Putlocker‘ unbroken, getting blocked, and thus the homeowner’s unchanged modification to new domains. A variety of popular websites address Putlocker, operated by putlocker.com, putlocker. Ac, putlocker.io, and putlocker. Today. putlocker. Is, putlocker.ch, putlocker.rs.

Due to the fame of the Putlockers, dozens of clone or mirror websites jointly spawned, and many of them are still sensible.

It is unknown whether the initial Putlocker householders still run and maintain one in all of the clones. Yet, Putlocker has become substitutable with website streaming.

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Some Of the Best Putlockers Alternatives In 2024

1. GoMovies

If you would like to watch free movies online, GoMovies is the place to go. It has two different home page designs. GoMovies is also a proper selection of Putlocker with a reasonable interface. Finding and locating your favorite Movies here is extraordinarily easy to do.

It is worth mentioning that GoMovies appearance is so modern due to its effortless interface. Go movies have two different home page designs. The default homepage has a prominent search bar. There exists a button that takes you to the site’s old design. GoMovies jointly has a collection of T.V. shows and movies in varied genres. Common genres you may understand here represent countries, top IMDBs, TV series, and more.

A unique feature keeps many users returning to seek out extras regarding GoMovies. It is the regular update of the news section of your platform. With this, users can speed up with the most recent or recently supplemental T.V. shows and films. GoMovies has a night mode for late-night film lovers.

2. Popcornflix

While the different legal streaming services on the list would like a paid subscription, PopcornFlix is also a free film website. It’s an ad-supported web streaming platform.

Experience your favorite film with Popcornflix. It has existed in the market for quite some time now and is considered a practical option for Putlocker.

Its library mainly includes classic and old films, but that does not mean you can’t watch the latest videos on it.

Popcornflix does not like any signup or login. You will be able to begin quickly and enjoy your favorite movies. It is also fully compatible with all major operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

3. Pluto TV

Pluto TV is another free streaming website accessible among North Yankee, Canada, and a few European countries. This platform delivers Live T.V, which is more as on-demand content besides Movies and Shows.

Pluto TV has partnered with quite seventy suppliers from which it licenses the content it delivers. Pluto TV is one of the most essential free, ad-supported streaming platforms with over twenty million monthly users.

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4. SnagFilms

Another glorious and trendy Putlockers numerous websites are SnagFilms. Although with a touch less assortment of transmission content, it’s still a neighborhood to travel to. With high-quality T.V. shows to stream, SnagFilms receives loads of users daily.

The media content at SnagFilms is well organized. Well, content is not classified into genres like completely different streaming sites. Among the SnagFilms movies, a bunch supported their similarity.

With this, it’s easy for users to watch movies of assorted genres; but, with a constant script model. Further, there is a joint apart on social networks to share the films you are looking for.

5. SolarMovie

SolarMovie is an assortment of the top easy H.D. movies online. Rather than storing movies on its servers, it primarily offers transfer connections for the film. The simple web interface makes life straightforward for the user to look for favorite movies.

In addition, SolarMovie is compatible with numerous fields like new movies, H.D. video files, the best illustrious, the foremost recent, and future, which are found once the user types among the search bar. Most importantly, there is jointly a separate comments section where you will be able to browse audits and completely different people’s views about the character of the comments.


  • Registration is not needed to access the content of your favorite film.
  • Users can understand every picture shown & broadcast.
  • Well-organized categories and superior search perform as compared to many completely different putlockers alternatives.
  • Users can scan the film results supported IMDB rating
  • Neat website vogue and straightforward interface.

6. FMovies

FMovies is one of the most entertaining websites to download and watch free H.D. quality movies. With FMovies, users and movie lovers can download free T.V programs, films, and web series without registering.

The homepage of FMovies incorporates a large search box. You will be able to use it to appear for any specific film or show. You’ll understand the menu bar on the best that choices varied categories you will be able to explore, besides Trending, TV Shows, Movies, Episodes, and prime IMDB.

FMovies offers streaming in full H.D. Thankfully; there are many ads. The website provides an overall sensible streaming experience.

  • Features
  • Subtitles / Closed Caption
  • Sign up not required
  • Credit card not required
  • H.D. streams whereas not login
  • 4K streams with free account registration
  • Autoplay next

Genre –Adventure, Action, Animation, Biography, Costume, Comedy, Crime, Romance, Sci-Fi, Sport, Thriller, TV Show, War, Western Documentary, Drama, Family, History, Horror, Kungfu, Music, Mystery, Reality-TV, Fantasy, Game-Show.

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7. 123Movies

123Movies is also a modern web streaming service. Rather like Putlockers, this service has jointly changed domains multiple times. It has been around for quite a while.

Whether you are exploring Movies or TV Shows, you’ll be aware of it all here—the website choices, all the major recent film releases, and more as episodes.

The homepage of 123Movies is well ordered. The content is sorted into various valuable categories. It jointly has the main menu on the best decisions like Home, Browse Years, Genres, Countries, etc.

When you pick an episode or movie, the website will choose the foremost specific link for playback. It’s going to line up multiple streaming links simply if you would like to try and select yourself.

Even though 123Movies is ad-supported, the popups or commercials do not appear frequently; therefore, I feel it is a sensible Putlocker.

  • Features
  • Sign up not required
  • Credit card not required
  • H.D. quality

Genre – Musical, Historical, School, TV Shows, Anime Series, Asian DramasWestern, Anime, Animation, Music, Romance, War, Kung Fu, Drama, Action, Adventure, Sport, Sci-Fi, Horror, Thriller, Comedy, Crime, Family, Fantasy, History, Biography, Mystery,

8. Afdah

Afdah is another website that receives a lot of traffic from users. World organization agency streams movies online. Their assortment of flicks and tv shows is extensive. However, it’s easy to go looking at the media file you decide on. Unhitch year, film quality, genre, and country are some search tags for films here.

A different feature that sets Afdah apart is the selection to go looking by actor or director. So you all will be able to understand and follow the films of your favorite actor. All you have to be compelled to strive for is to search for the actor’s name, and Afdah can give you results in seconds.

The comment section below each film helps users share their views on each film. No doubt, it’s still a substantial selection for Putlocker if you inquire from Pine Tree State.

9. Megashare

This one is believed to be among the foremost convenient and easy streaming solutions on the net presently. Megashare incorporates a simple interface, a large shopper base, and contains an extensive library. Utilize it to watch tv shows and films at no cost; no registration is needed.

Based on your internet speed, you may jointly watch films of distinct quality. It together offers H.D. quality print. The other most cherished feature of the unbelievable website is the addition of subtitles.

10. Rainierland

Rainierland is known for its great content — everything regarding quality and amount. The trending movies are displayed right on this website so that you do not get compelled to require some probability to catch up with the numerous recent hits of the film world.

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11. AZ Movies

AZ Movies is one of the top accessible free streaming websites in the world. This could be thought of conjointly because of the most accessible alternatives for putlocker.io. Since this is the page where people will see the top recent movies free in H.D, there is no entirely different stream.

Most film lovers choose this website because it uploads the foremost recent downloaded Hollywood and industry movies before many completely different free streaming websites.


  • AZ Movies provides a variety of mirrors (offers extra links) for each title.
  • User registration isn’t required
  • AZ movies have quick website speed
  • The high definitions of flicks are streamed with rock bottom buffering
  • One of the foremost vital edges is that it’s a simple interface.

12. Los Movies

With over two pages of T.V. shows and films, you may find the multimedia system content of your alternative here. To seek out your favorite movies, you’ll be able to search by name, genre, or unleash year. To boot, you’ll be able to use the trend choice to read the films presently on the highest line of the graph.

Unfortunately, several users see this website as an advertising hell for showing movies. In most cases, continuous ad pop ups return from out-of-place clicks on the page. To avoid wasting you tons, we suggest that you install a poster unit before visiting this website. Better yet, you’ll have a fierce popup blocker which will be a more robust alternative.

13. TinklePad or 5movies.to

Another unmatched Putlockers difference is TinklePad. This website includes a straightforward interface that strikes a chord in my memory of a traditional computer program. TinklePad consists of a variety of transmission files for your views. Broadcast content is simple to search out on this website. You’ll be able to browse the library by year, genre, and title to search out your required movies.

Most of the films accessible on TinklePad are in H.D. format. This makes it straightforward to transfer to your computer. For any movies that aren’t accessible, there’s a listing of links to alternative moving picture transfer hosting sites. Well, the name of this website has been modified to 5 movies. However, you’ll be able to notice it still even once you sort TinklePad into your computer program.

14. Yes Movies

If you’re still searching for a PutLockers different, YesMovies.ag is another website you’ll be able to attempt. This website is nicely designed and options all the films or shows you’ll be able to think about.

The layout of the location is simple. You’ll be able to choose your favorite content right from the homepage. If you’re searching for additional, you’ll be able to explore by classes and genres. You’ll be able to conjointly use the search operation to appear for one specific thing.

The website conjointly helps you to transfer videos to your device.

YesMovies helps you to stream in H.D. also as 4K. However, for 4K streaming, you would like to sign on for a free account.


  • Available while not sign-on
  • No cc needed
  • Download feature accessible
  • 4K resolution with a free account registration
  • Autoplay next

Genre – Action, Adventure, Animation, Biography, Comedy, Costume, Crime, Documentary, Psychological, Romance, Sci-Fi, Sitcom, Sport, Thriller, TV Show, War, Drama, Family, Fantasy, History, Horror, Kungfu, Musical, Mystery, Mythological

15. Hulu

Of course, you wouldn’t want additional info on this known moving picture streaming website. Well, if Hulu is unfamiliar to you, this can be an excellent and top-rated streaming website. There’s a little subscription to access all its functions. Still, several users are taking Hulu by storm to stream movies each day. Well, that’s as a result, Hulu may be a higher difference from Putlocker.

Apart from that, it’s conjointly a reliable and safe place to send something. What is more, you’ll be able to imagine famous tv programs from entirely different tv networks with that you’re a partner.

Unfortunately, Hulu is simply accessible within us. However, there are prospects for its convenience worldwide.


Since the putlockers websites are prohibited in many countries, it is essential to look out for the only simple alternatives for putlocker. Here throughout this text, we tend to say the correct and best varied appropriate film lovers.

We suggest you employ an accurate and secure VPN to protect your devices from malware or viruses. Finally, If you think that your mobile or desktop is not compatible with any streaming platforms, you will be ready to switch to numerous websites quickly.

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