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Why Does Google Penalize The Content Of A Medium?

Lear, concise, and quality information. This is the type of information that Google wants to avoid penalizing the content of a digital medium. And is that the almighty Google penalizes the content of a medium if you are not rigorous with the information you provide and do not meet various requirements.

All digital media desire to occupy the best positions in search engines such as Google to have greater visibility. For this to happen, digital content has a significant role. It must be of quality.

Currently, the journalist of a digital medium is obliged to write according to the rules of Google, which is the leading search engine. Only in this way will you position your content in the top positions in search results and ensure that the reader finds it as soon as possible. But … what happens if a journalist does not follow these rules? When and why does Google penalize the content of a medium?

Types of Penalties

Before getting into the subject of the causes that make Google penalize content on the Internet, it is essential to know what type of penalties the published content faces:

Direct Penalty

the sanction is communicated directly and in time so that the error made can be corrected.

Automatic Penalty

it is also known as ‘Algorithmic Penalty. Google robots detect this sanction, so it is not communicated directly to the media and immediately applied.

How do I know if Google has penalized my content?

Through penalties, both direct and automatic, Google penalizes the content of a medium with these actions:

  • Descent of the content to other lower positions of the search engine. You can lose 30 or 50 positions in searches, depending on the level of sanction.
  • The disappearance of the content of the first positions of the search engine.
  • Decreased visibility.
  • Drastic decrease in the number of visits.
  • Search engine page de-indexing or difficulty indexing new pages on the site.
  • Search engine domain de-indexing.
  • Difficulty to properly position new content.

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Reasons why Google penalizes the content of a medium

  • Loading speed: content that takes too long to load is harmful to the web and Google search results. The slow loading speed supposes the reader’s disinterest in reading the news and the immediate exit from the medium.
  • Duplicate meta descriptions: A meta description summarizes article content that helps engines understand what your topic is about and thus show it to users in search results. For this reason, meta descriptions must be provided with relevant and different content so that Google does not perceive them as duplicates and can differentiate them in searches. Similar or duplicate content can confuse search engines, both when indexing the page and when displaying search results on Google. In addition, it can cause loss of traffic and visibility, poor position in search results.
  • Broken links and images: Links and images need to be controlled very well so that users can make good use of them. If this type of element appears damaged on the web, it will worsen your ranking in the search results since Google would consider that your website is poorly maintained. To avoid this, you must remove the links that lead to the error pages and replace them. As for the images would be to change the URL, replace it with another, or delete it.
  • Advertising on the web: having advertising on your website is standard, but Google does not accept an excess of ads that annoy the user’s reading.
  • Spam in comments: some comments have nothing to do with the content or the rest. They are easy to identify because they come from emails and are created by robots. Google can penalize both the person who makes a comment and the website on which it appears. Remember that you must allow users to give their opinion, but always be attentive to what they write.
  • Pages with errors or pages not found: Google will find out if too many pages with these characteristics on a website. If so, the content will be penalized and resolved by reviewing the links that generate these errors.
  • Keyword Excess: Keywords are essential in an article, but … beware! The abuse and excess of this type of word will also be penalized. It is best to choose one or two and make good use of them.
  • SEO over-optimization: if you work only to like Google and not the user, you will be penalized. You must indeed take into account SEO on a website to position your content but not overexploit it. The most significant news search engine is very aware of the user, and you have to write for him.
  • Poor quality content in a short time: if you upload a lot of content to your website in a short time, Google will notice and sanction it because it will interpret that it is of poor quality. The usual thing is that a web makes useful, understandable, and concise information that, in addition, is published little by little.

In short, Google penalties are many, and you must know all of them to correct them and not be harmed.

What can you do?

Was your content penalized? Do not worry! There are Solutions so that your content on the web does not end up being penalized:

  • Web optimization: We have to improve the development of a web page to give a good SEO positioning, generate traffic, and obtain a greater reach.
  • Digital Marketing: Design and develop your online business managing the Digital Production, Purchase Programmatic, SEO, SEM, Social Media, Advertising Offline, Online Advertising, Design, Media, Marketing Campaigns online …
  • SEO positioning: We have to study the best SEO strategy to gain search engine positioning, visibility, and quality audience. These three factors will drive your business towards growth and positive results.
  • Technology consulting: Any company needs to transform to improve competitiveness and production digitally. We are capable of transforming your company, providing new and innovative ideas based on technology to make all your business processes profitable.

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