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Keys To Know If It Is Time To Renew Your Website

If you already have a website, you are probably wondering what you should look at or check to see if your site is in good condition, competitive, or if the time has come to give it a spin. Maybe you have had your page for years, perhaps months, or perhaps it has just been delivered to you.

In any case, whatever time you have, in this post, we are going to give you some keys to check if your website is ready to fight on the Internet or if you should be considering redesigning it or even making a new one.

Does it attract organic traffic?

We see it continuously. Maybe it happens to you too. You hire the design of your website; you choose the cheapest budget (or perhaps the second cheapest), they deliver the site to you and, after months or years, you realize that this website hardly receives visits.

A website is never zero. Even if it is only the people you give a business card to and enter the web to get more information or a missing click when you remember that you have social networks. You publish a super offer after a month and a half without publishing, but there is always a visitor.

You have to see if visits come through search engines, that is if there are people who find your website and know your business because they have found it on Google, Bing, Yahoo, or whatever.

When a website attracts organic traffic, it also gets new people to know the brand that this website represents. Or, to put it another way, that indeed interests you more, the chances of getting sales increase thanks to the page. This brings us to the next point.

Do you get sales?

I guess the ultimate goal of your website is to get sales, that is, to do business thanks to it. Investing in the design and development of a website so that later you do not have a return, thanks to it, is not ideal. I think you will agree with me.

If you have a website, you must monitor the sales you get thanks to it, and, in case you do not get deals, you must act. It can be a problem derived from the first point, and if there is no traffic to the web, it will be difficult for you to sell. It may be a usability problem or some technical failure, perhaps something is wrong, and you do not receive requests for information or a quote. It can be a problem with the texts, maybe your service is not transparent, or your value proposition is not understood.

In any case, you must give him a solution. The Internet is an increasingly competitive field, and your competition is taking the sales that you are not taking.

Is it responsive?

Take your mobile and visit your website. Fast loading? Does everything look good? Is everything in its place? Can you navigate comfortably? Is the font size appropriate? Is there enough spacing between the elements to make it easy to click with the finger?

More than half of the global traffic on the Internet is from mobile, so I suppose you will agree that it is vital that your website works well on smartphones. Although today most websites are adapted to mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, there are still sites that do not. In addition, many have problems that should be solved of those that do.

In case all of the above does not seem enough, for some years now, Google has been tracking sites with its smartphone robot, giving more importance to that version of the web than to the desktop one.

Do you have an appropriate design?

Image is a significant deciding factor. You can have the best product or service globally, but if the image does not accompany the public, they will not perceive it that way.

Your website must have an appropriate design, by current trends, that is clear and elegant. Even if your competition has the ugliest websites on the Internet (there are some sectors that I don’t even tell you better… not even one is saved), yours should be well designed. It will be a way to differentiate yourself and stand out from the rest.

If, on the contrary, your competition has websites with attractive designs, you cannot be left behind; you must update yours to show the professionalism that your business indeed has.

I hope this post helps you see if your website is in good condition or needs a tune-up.

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