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How To Set Conversations And Chats On Whatsapp Or Telegram

Among the possibilities offered by the main messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram is the option to set chats, which allows us to always keep at the top of the screen even if we do not have messages pending to read in that chat. In this way, you will always have the conversation at your fingertips, making it easy and fast for us to talk to our people.

If we do not do this, we will likely find that this conversion is continuously decreasing and we have to waste time looking for it, even if we use it practically every day.

We can do something with both people and groups to always have it visible as soon as we open the messaging app we use.

Fix conversations on WhatsApp and Telegram

Carrying out this process is identical in both messaging apps and there is no difference between what we achieve in one or the other, there are only cosmetic changes when trying to set a conversion.

For this, we must have the app updated to the latest version through the application store of our Android mobile or on iOS, which is the same for both.

Once we are ready, we just have to access the app in question and keep our finger on the private conversion or group that we want to keep above the chat in our account.

Afterward, a thumbtack will appear among the options, on which we are going to press so that it always stays up.

We can do this as often as we want with several people or groups as there is no limit, although we recommend not setting more than 4 conversations or losing sight of other user messages that will require us to download more to access them.

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Steps to set conversations on Telegram

Beyond setting conversions, in Telegram, we have an extra utility that allows us to have important data at hand such as a link, a list of rules or requirements, something that becomes much more useful in groups, where there are many people present in a conversation.

This allows you to keep everything under control and even in Telegram, you can combine fixed messages with links to bots that make all the data much easier.

In WhatsApp for now, it is impossible to fix a message and we can only save everything in the star to see it later, although it is expected that this utility will end up arriving in the future.

To use the tool that allows us to post messages, we just have to enter the desired conversation, whether it is a group or a conversation with a single person.

Then we touch on a message with a single touch and choose the fix option represented with a pin.

We can choose if we want to set it only for ourselves or for everyone and in the groups send a notification even if the users have the group silenced.

We can set several messages that will accumulate in quick access at the top of the chat and to remove them you just have to touch that access, touch on the message and choose to unset so that it is no longer present.

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