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How To Organize An Online Event or A Virtual Event? | Best Guide 2022

Virtual events are the order of the day. They offer us unlimited possibilities that we have to know how to take advantage of. To organize an online event in the best way, you need to consider many factors. Do you know them?

The keys to your successful virtual event

The format that differentiates you

The format we choose to hold our virtual event must be directly linked to the event’s primary objective. There are many possibilities: conferences, webinars, team building, product presentations, etc. We will define which is the best for our virtual event as the basis to start with it.

Adapt to the audience

The audience is one of the essential points to consider. It is even more so when it is a virtual event and the participants are remote. Therefore, we must ensure that distance is a strong apex of your event.

Define the audience by asking specific questions that make us find the best way: have they already been to a virtual event? Do they know and manage with this technology? How can I grab and hold their attention?

Capturing the attention of the public and keeping it is a challenging task within the excellent organization of a virtual event; for this, we have to take into account:

  • The content of the event must be exciting and add value to the public.
  • The presenter or person who acts as a link and guide during the event has a detonating function
  • Incorporate surprises, whether they are important people who do not expect, dynamics, gifts, etc.
  • The audience’s involvement during the event is essential: round of questions and answers, contests, raffles, etc.
  • The use of cutting-edge technology is always very well received by attendees of virtual events.

Take care of every last detail according to your brand.

Everything related to the event has to follow the identity of the brand. The streaming graphics must be created from the corporate line that is always followed. Apart from direct, all post-production must follow specific guidelines for personalized corporate graphics. We can take many ideas into account and take advantage of them in our online event.

How to spread the event?

The dissemination of the virtual event must be planned very well in advance of the event, and how it will be done must be very clear.

Social networks are the primary tool we currently use to publicize an event, as it is beneficial.

Using email marketing, sending a confirmation email based on an initial subscription by users allows us to keep them updated through confirmation, reminder, and welcome emails.

Creating a virtual event web platform is one of the best decisions we can make when organizing one. Thanks to this, the assistant will have all the necessary information accessible, complete, and updated.

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Choose who is in charge of the event

The event’s organization from start to finish is a process that encompasses many factors to take into account. Selecting the people or company in charge of this will depend on the success of the event. Advice, technological support, adequate material, connectivity, technical personnel… are the services that are needed for the virtual event to be carried out successfully.

It’s no secret; we’ve been doing it for years. We take care of creating and organizing online events adapted to the needs of each client and making it a unique experience for all viewers. We personalize and give life to all the live shows we broadcast, making a difference in every step we take. We put the user experience above all else, but how do we organize an online event?

Could you give us your ideas?

Tell us everything! Please show us your project from start to finish. What ideas do you have, how do you want to develop it, what purpose and intention do you have with the realization of the event, etc. From there, we create everything you need to organize your online event most successfully:

  • A rundown and the technical script are necessary to present the final briefing.
  • Graphic design following the corporate line of your brand.
  • Webspace created from start to finish with your domain-specific to your brand.

Once we have your Idea finalized, we will develop a DEMO in which you will preview the final result through the video channels or your landing page. Do you have more questions about her?

A web space for your online event

We are not a platform as such. We adapt and create digital space from scratch; we do not have a fillable template, but we create adjusted and specific content for each event, making our landings unique spaces for each event and 100% produced for your brand.

We have two types of product:

  • A basic landing page includes information about the event, agenda, speakers, basic analytics, registration, questions to the speaker, and a link to the live one.
  • An evolutionary landing that we call “platform” because according to the evolution of the series of events or specifications and customer needs, it evolves and introduces new add ons such as all the networking parts, more advanced analytics, surveys, etc.

Our “platform” allows you to interact with your audience from pre to post-event. It makes Networking real among your attendees, but what about life.

We prepare the Streaming

When it comes to organizing an online event, we are experts. Once all the previous content has been approved, we begin to create the experience. For us, it is essential that the client gets a good impression and feels the online events like never before. That is why we offer the following:

  • We carry out preliminary tests with each speaker.
  • We set up your own recording set or send you the necessary material for the broadcast: Chroma, lighting, microphone, etc.
  • You can also come to our set.
  • At the time of the user experience, all attendees of the event will receive a newsletter days before in which they will be reminded of the day and time of the event (save the date) and where they can register if they have not already done so.
  • online events how to organize them
  • Once we have reviewed all the fronts at the web and broadcast level, we will focus on the day of the direct.

Start your event online

Your virtual event has started. What features does it have?:

  • Emission of the event via Streaming.
  • Attendees can access several rooms in a virtual space created especially for your brand and attend presentations and talks live via Streaming.
  • They can send questions to the speakers and ask them to live in the first person.
  • Multi-camera production with the possibility of including several speakers simultaneously, integration of presentations, and multimedia content.

How are we different?

Our main differentiating element is not an event platform; we are an ALL-IN-ONE development.

  • Our All in one offers you different functions: calendar, chat, monetization through advertising, surveys, registration, etc., as well as a one-to-one where a video conference system establishes live meetings.
  • Management and multi-camera production.
  • Generation of high-quality content and graphics.

What happens after the event?

Once the event is over, it gives you the possibility to:

  • Obtain data analysis of attendees.
  • audience data
  • Post-production and deferred videos

We are immersed in a new paradigm where Streaming has come to stay once and for all. Ibex offers all its clients a continuous process of transformation and digital avant-garde. Great professionals within your brand’s reach, events produced in record time, without user limits. Attendee experience as an emblem for your brand. In short, you are organizing online events that make a difference.

The best Ideas, Apps, and Tips for Online Events

The most important thing in an online event is how it will be planned and the execution that it will take. Ideas in these types of events are everything. Therefore, they are an excellent opportunity to expand and generate leads, interact with new prospects, and improve your brand’s leadership within your industry. These are some of the ideas we give you for the 2022 online events :

  • 1st Idea: Without a doubt, the use of apps is a great advantage, as we have already mentioned, to make a good impression, generate content and increase the participation of attendees in the event. Apps make social distancing disappear, and our attendees feel closer than ever.
  • 2nd Idea: a presenter or a similar character who will liven up the event, which will ensure that the attendees do not disconnect between presentations.
  • 3rd Idea: Includes shows. Many online events have chosen to include shows in their coffee breaks so that the public does not get tired, and there is a point that enlivens the session. A short concert, some magic tricks, or live raffles are some of the proposals we have seen in recent months.
  • 4th Idea: Make gamification: It is always a good option to include games or actions in the presentations where the attendees participate and are active. For example, a word cloud at the beginning of the session, questions about the content of the presentations, surveys. It is undoubtedly one of the best strategies to get the audience to interact even more.
  • 5th Idea: Create parallel rooms where attendees can network. Technology allows us to do many things, and in online events, we can include stays on our web platform for online events. Because it is a parallel space where our attendees can interact and exchange ideas and impressions of the session.
  • 6th Idea: Do online courses. Above all, if your company is a specialist in something, take advantage of it and become stronger. It will publicize your products and actions to other people who do not know you.
  • 7th Idea: Look for partners and collaborators to promote the event. Undoubtedly, the influencer fever has not ended; on the contrary, it has become more robust. If you want to spread your brand’s message, there is no better option than this army.

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