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Five key Indicators To Work With A Virtual Desktop

If the pandemic has brought something positive to the world of work, it opens new work schemes. The most popular is telecommuting. To apply it, companies have had to adapt their technological infrastructure, opt for different solutions to undertake the work in a decentralized way. One of the most popular has been the implementation of a virtual desktop for each company employee. We tell you what it is and what the keys will allow you to implement it in your company.

What is a virtual desktop?

When we work in an office, we usually use a desktop computer or a laptop, which we can call our physical workspace. In it, we have installed the applications that we use and stored our data. If we lose access to this physical device, we cannot work, usually, and yield critical information for our company.

With desktop virtualization, we “move” our physical workspace to a server hosted in the cloud with our usual programs and files. This desktop stores both our applications and our data, providing a personalized experience for the user. At the same time, we manage to centralize and automate their management by administrators. At services, we bet on Citrix as the technology to virtualize environments, just like the National Cryptological Center does to guarantee secure remote access.

The big question is. When do I know when it is time to virtualize desktops in my company? Next, we show you five indicators that will mark when your company is ready to receive the benefits of the virtual desktop.

What are the five key indicators to start working with a virtual desktop?

1. You need to simplify management

From improving the user experience to protecting company data, your team has a huge responsibility. The use of virtual desktops in a managed cloud such as beCloud allows you to provide the same secure and reliable experience on any device or network. Workers in companies are increasingly mobile and need to keep in touch with the company and its information at all times. In addition, it is increasingly common for employees to use their own devices (Bring Your Device) to access company information. With the virtual desktop, we ensure that employees access data from an environment that complies with performance and security standards and centralizes and simplifies their management.

2. You are increasingly concerned about security

With more terminals and remote workers than ever, the risks increase. The ability to work from anywhere makes data more vulnerable to lose or theft. Using virtual desktops in a managed cloud-like beCloud allows you to adjust policies based on user and device location to keep breaches at bay. Since all data is centralized in the cloud and not on devices, you can have peace of mind no matter where or how people work.

3. Your user base is growing

When you are responsible for meeting the needs of employees, providing a seamless experience can be a great challenge and more when the employee has to work remotely. The use of virtual desktops in a managed cloud such as beCloud allows you to configure desktops in a personalized way. So that each user has access to the applications, programs, and data that the company policies say, facilitating the update at a global level, or creating virtual jobs for new employees, no matter where they are.

4. You need to comply with legal compliance requirements

In some cases, it may be that as a company, we have to comply with some legal, regulatory requirements related to the type of data we process, for example, in the case of agencies, with payroll, or in the point of the health sector, with medical records and confidential patient information. The Organic Law on Protection of Personal Data and Guarantee of Digital Rights requires compliance with some national privacy and information security standards. The use of virtual desktops in a managed cloud such as beCloud allows us to centralize the data in an approved services data center that complies with these standards and other quality certifications such as ISO 20000 or ISO 27001 centralizing management and maintenance.

5. You seek to improve business agility and ensure business continuity

The inactivity of any employee can represent a cost, more or less, high for the company. If we have a traditional infrastructure, depending on an end device can be a significant risk. Any failure or incident that this device may suffer implies that the user cannot access their environment and work tools from the device in question. By working in an environment of high availability and redundancy in the event of failures, we will access our work environment from any place and device, having a service SLA of 99.98%.

Suppose you have been able to recognize any of the five key indicators in your company. In that case, it means that you can discover and take advantage of the potential of working with virtual desktops in a 100% cloud environment such as beCloud or hybridized with your current installations. Traditional environments are increasingly difficult to manage and integrate with the new services and applications that the market offers us. Working with a virtual desktop allows to enable a familiar virtual work environment for end-users, increase company security, ensure regulatory compliance, and be more agile as a company, both by facilitating new work environments and managing and managing them.

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