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Five Keys To Networking Online In 2022

In our day today, we read or hear over and over again the expression networking online. Do you know what it means? And most importantly, what is the need for online networking today? One of the main advantages is that they can contact other people and companies with a clear objective.

In this sense, the Internet can be your best ally to expand your network of contacts since you can always send them messages quickly and directly. You can even publish your opinions on professional networks to attract debate and reflection. And for all its advantages, there are a series of keys to networking online correctly and productively.

Five fundamental keys to networking online (and being successful)

But what is networking? Online networking is the set of actions you can carry out through the Internet to develop your network of contacts. The difference with the past is that instead of using word of mouth, we communicate through electronic devices, which are much more efficient and instantaneous. The chats and walls of social networks are not a substitute for contact in person, but they complement or help create new relationships and maintain existing ones.

1. Have a clear goal

Before getting down to it, first think carefully about what type of areas or departments you want to have contact with, why, and how to achieve it. You can list these three questions and their corresponding answers to better organize and control them.

The objective is that your contacts also follow you and learn about your products and services, which is why the image you offer of your brand is essential, with an updated and well-organized network profile. The first impression in the online world is the one that counts.

Online networking is the set of actions you can carry out through the Internet to develop your network of contacts.

2. Prepare your corporate speech

It is essential to be clear about how to sell the company at all times. To do this, design a good personal brand image and be consistent with it through all your actions, whether online or physical. Prepare a speech that introduces your company and its values.

In your profiles, talk about your products and services, publish content with added value and invite reflection on topics of interest related to your business field. Create a network and generate engagement, also through your website. Everything must be focused on a speech that you always carry as a flag and relating and creating contacts.

3. Choose where to be

There are different social networks for online networking. You must detect where your target audience is to carry out marketing campaigns when networking and investigate the contacts that interest you.

  • Twitter: as a company, you can use it to retweet content of your interest, add contacts, or make comments on profiles that suit what you are looking for with your networking strategy.
  • LinkedIn: This is the social network par excellence for quality online networking. Join the groups that interest you the most, share articles from your field of knowledge, follow and mention the people you consider, and use the search engine filters to expand your network of contacts with people related only to your interests. This way, you will be able to appear in the suggestions of more people interested in your profession or topics with which you position yourself.
  • Facebook and Instagram: Two social networks for working in a B2C environment. Its use is very similar to any other social network; in terms of online networking, it generates engagement.

Some companies have lost customers and money due to misuse of social media: it is not worth being to be. The best thing is to hire a professional to manage our accounts. Still, if we do not have enough budget, we must use common sense and publish interesting, objective, neutral, and appropriate content for our target.

When doing marketing campaigns, you must detect where your target audience is. When networking, find out where the contacts that interest you are.

4. Make yourself visible at online events in your sector

  • Webinars: these online classes in real-time are a potent tool to meet new potential contacts of interest. You can detect your future contacts to define an appropriate communication system with them, either through social networks or other channels.
  • Open Classes: Like webinars, these open and participatory classes are also an example of detecting interest profiles.
  • Online courses: You can meet influential people since they share the same interests for a typical training environment.

5. Take the initiative

You can start by following your loyal customers and suppliers on the networks. With an exciting contact network, you can even organize a webinar or event on a topic according to your teaching services. So you can gain visibility with few means.

And you will ask yourself, how to organize a networking event? Take note of the keys, but the fundamental thing is to find a topic that attracts the attention of the public you want to address, that entertains and adds value. Encourage their participation to create two interest groups: collaborators and attendees. And from there, you can even get sponsors with whom you make a connection based on your business idea and how to take it to success.

In short, online networking can help us greatly, but sometimes, even with good planning, there are unforeseen events that you have not considered. Do not let minor problems or fears discourage you since it is impossible to control everything, so be patient and let your time invested pay off.

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