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How To Make A Collaborative Post On Instagram: Quick Guide

Even if you are one of the more than 1 billion users that Instagram currently has, you may not be aware of one of its most useful and recent features: the collaborative post, which is very useful if you like community content creation supported by other relevant creators. Find out everything you need to know in this quick guide to making your Collabs.

Advantages of sharing authorship on Instagram

This function, called Collabs, allows users of the social network owned by Meta to make publications with more than one accredited author.

Before the Collabs feature launched, many tagged story posts, captions, news feeds, and Instagram Reels went unnoticed by followers.

Using it, we will gain in reach since a publication will be displayed on two profiles simultaneously. But also, content creators are more accessible to discover than traditional news posts and tagged stories.

Another advantage is precisely that of sharing rights to the image. This tool allows two profiles to have equal notoriety in the post or make it clear that they are collaborations or transfers of image rights.

How to add a collaborator on Instagram

As defined by Instagram, Collabs has the mission of ” enabling people to create communities and bring the world closer together “, committing to ” foster a safe and supportive community for all “.

By publishing under this role, you can add a co-author. This way, a name and shared authorship will appear at the top of the published image or video.

When content is posted to a profile, the author of the image will have a new option next to the tagging button to send an invitation to the co-author. This may accept or deny the request for an invitation to collaborate.

If confirmed, the publication will appear in both profiles with the respective usernames as authors. If the invitation is ignored, it will be published only with the author’s name who uploaded the content, as in any post.

Regarding metrics and statistics, the number of views and likes of both profiles will be displayed simultaneously. There will also be the same comment thread on the post. Everything will be synchronized and linked as if it were the same publication made in several accounts.

The feature will only be available to Instagram users with the latest version, so ensure you have updated the app to the latest version available on the Google Play Store or Apple AppStore.

Steps to add a collaborative post on Instagram

The process begins the same as if you want to create a new standard publication. We will have to press the “+” button to add new content to our profile and, choose the multimedia content, edit it by adding filters, location or description…

Before we get to the post screen, we’ll find the Tag people option, and in this menu, we’ll see the Collabs tag. One option is “Add Label”; select the one that appears on the right: “Invite a collaborator”.

Keep in mind that in addition to choosing who you will invite in the collaborative post, when you add a collaborator, you will also tag them, so you can place the label in the area you want in the photo.

When a collaborator is invited, their profile will appear in the preview of the image or video, and you will be informed that, if you accept this invitation, “your publication will be shared with their followers, and this person will appear as another author of the post “.

If everything is done correctly, the post will appear on both profiles simultaneously. So that our collaborator is aware that an invitation has been sent, they will also receive a pop-up notification within the application to accept or decline the said invitation.

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