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How To Do Digital Marketing On Google For Free

Talking about free is always relative since, from the moment you dedicate time to an activity, you spend it since your time is worth money. If you want to do digital marketing on Google for free by investing only your time above, you can take advantage of certain functions and knowledge guidelines that will help you in this task.

And it is that any company needs all the possible help to prosper properly. And for this, Google is going to be a powerful ally that you have to know how to use for your benefit to find the gap that the competition always leaves.

Learn how to do digital marketing on Google for free

How can we prosper in Google? Being able to appear as soon as possible in the searches of those users who may be potential clients of our company. And how is it done? There are two key lines:

  • Google My Business
  • SEO

These formulas are not the only ones that we will use to improve our online presence. However, when it comes to Google, they are the main ones and will not be missing at any time if we want to have a real and powerful presence.

But do not forget to accompany them with more options, such as the use of social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, the enhancement of the image on platforms such as YouTube, the improvement of your work in email marketing, and the creation of powerful landing pages, etc.

Google My Business

Did you know that there are currently about five million searches per minute on Google? You can be part of those answers that millions of users look for in the great online search engine.

An exciting way to boost your presence on Google is through Google My Business or Google My Business. This free tool allows you to create your personalized page to show your brand, your company, etc.

Thanks to this powerful option, any company or person can add valuable information that will make it easier for the potential client to find the project and, above all, learn more about it.

Here you can provide details such as hours, the website of the site, phone numbers and contact options, descriptions of jobs, services, and products, and other important details such as the location on Google Maps, reviews of other users, the updates that are considered vital, etc.

These possibilities were centralized in the ill-fated social network Google+ in the past. However, given that it could not position itself and did not compete as expected with Facebook or Instagram, the large company opted for this possibility that seems to have caught on among the public, since today we count as millions of businesses with a presence in Google My Business.


But we cannot ignore SEO, which is also of vital importance to promote digital marketing on Google without paying, although we could put the latter in free quotes.

Now, SEO is not done directly on Google but our site. For example, on the blog, on the welcome page, etc.

How can we do a good SEO that helps us position ourselves in the Google SERPs and makes it easier for our potential clients to find us before the competition? Let’s see:

  • Keywords: Use keywords that you are often found by and define your business and products. For example, there are keywords like cat food, dog food, etc.
  • Titles: title each section of your website with attractive and persuasive titles that include the keywords.
  • Content: includes relevant content containing the keywords and has added value for your customers and readers. That will make Google take you into account.
  • Descriptions: wholly and correctly describe each product or service that appears on your website, especially if it is an eCommerce. Use keywords that help it be found more easily.
  • Images: always use quality images, as many as necessary. Describe them using keywords and try not to be too heavy so that they do not reduce the loading times of the web.
  • Loading of the pages: what has been said. Take care of the loading times, which must be fast. If each page takes a long time to appear, the user may look for other options.

You already know how to do digital marketing on Google for free. To have everything in order and functional, it is better to have professionals from the guild.

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