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Five Things You Don’t Know About Facebook Pages

Sometimes we use a social network so much that we take it for granted that we already know everything about it.

This is what usually happens with Facebook pages, that after creating them, we hardly do anything more than log in to schedule, post or respond to comments and messages.

But, what if I told you that there are many small actions that you can take to give more life to your page or to get more out of it and that, indeed, they do not sound like you? You’re already curious to know what I’m talking about.

In this post, We will talk to you about five actions that you can perform on your Facebook page and that you do not know. Shall we start?

Five things you don’t know about Facebook pages

1. You can create a username for your page

This is probably the best known of the five things we tell you.

In addition to the name of your page, you can create (and change) a username (the one that begins with @) through which users can search for your page and mention it in their publications.

To create or modify this username, you will have to go to your page’s “Information” section and click on edit.

Note that while there can be multiple pages with the same name, the usernames are unique. Therefore it is essential to have this section configured in the name of our page. See this example with the word “Butterflies” filtering by pages:

So if your page doesn’t have a username yet, create one right now.

2. You can see a list of people who like your page

You undoubtedly know the exact or approximate figure if I ask you how many people like your Facebook page. You are less likely to see that you can access a list to see who these people are and how long they have followed you.

To do this, you must go, within your page, to “Settings”> “People and other pages”. You will find a list like this:

You can search by:

  • People who like your page.
  • People who follow your page.
  • People and pages blocked (from here, you can also stop the participation of other users on your page).
  • People blocked on Messenger.
  • You can also search by name if you want to search for someone in particular.
  • Next to each name is the date they “liked” your page.

This is useful, beyond mere curiosity, to know how long certain users follow us for a specific action or when we do giveaways. One of the requirements is that they are followers from a particular day.

Keep in mind that there are people who, in their privacy, have configured not public which pages they like. In this case, that person will not appear on the list.

3. You can download a copy of your page

We have repeated actively and passively that the home of your business on the internet has to be your website because there you command and you set the rules; you are not what the current social network wants to allow.

We are not going to enter into this debate because it is not the objective of this post, but keep in mind that everything you upload to a social network when that social network wants to delete it, without prior notice and recovery options in many cases. We talk about photos, texts, publications, videos, and even accounts closed overnight.

Still, many people have all their content created exclusively on social networks. This option is handy for them, which allows you to download a copy of your page.

To download a copy of your Facebook page, you must have the administrator of it.

The file that you can download will contain:

  • Posts, photos and videos that people who work on the page have shared.
  • A list of the people who have roles on the page.
  • A description of the current configuration of the page.
  • Information from the page in the “Information” section.
  • To proceed with the download, you must go to “Settings”> “General”> “Download page”> “Create file” (Here, you can configure what you want to download, the date range, the format and the quality).
  • You will receive an email or notification when the file is ready for download.

4. You can follow other pages with your page

Indeed you already follow a lot of Facebook pages with your account. Do you know that it is also possible to do it with your pages?

To perform this action, you must do it from a computer. At the moment, it is not possible from the mobile version or the Facebook app.

To like or follow other pages from yours, you must go to the page in question that you want to follow. In the options bar under the cover photo, click on the three dots and select “Indicate that you like your page”. A drop-down will appear to choose which page you want to like. Select the one you want and click on send.

Those who manage that page will get a notification that your page likes theirs, but they will not see your name.

Within your page, in the section “See page news”, you will be able to see what these pages publish to which you follow yours.

5. You can highlight other pages on yours

Another cool thing you can do on your Facebook page is highlight other pages within it.

To do this, go to “Settings”> “Featured”> And select the five pages that you would like to highlight within yours. They can be other pages you want, of collaborators related to yours, others that you administer, other headquarters of the same company, etc.

These featured pages should appear on your page under “Pages this page likes.”

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