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5 SEO Mistakes To Avoid To Position Your Services

As a website owner, it’s easy to make SEO mistakes that negatively affect your services’ search engine rankings. Fortunately, you can easily detect these errors thanks to the existing SEO agencies, which are responsible for correcting all these types of SEO errors.

Some basic SEO mistakes can derail your search engine marketing strategy. To avoid making these SEO mistakes, you must first learn the basics. The following list summarizes the most common SEO mistakes you should avoid at all costs.

5 SEO mistakes to avoid to position your services

Even if you don’t think it’s important to check every aspect of your website, the slightest mistake can affect your site’s performance and negatively impact your overall ranking. Below are five common SEO mistakes that can ruin your service rankings.

1. Duplicate titles

Unless you are an SEO expert, your website has at least one of these errors. These SEO mistakes can hurt your keyword rankings if you’re duplicating titles. There are 2 types of SEO errors regarding titles: either you are using the same titles on different pages of your website or duplicating your titles with those of other web pages.

2. Slow upload speed

Slow page load time on your website can be a major SEO error and affect the number of page views per session. It can also cause bounces and negatively affect your income. Keep in mind that the faster your website is, the more likely people will come back. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to this metric, which is crucial.

3. Duplicate content

Duplicate content can be annoying to users, and search engines can punish you. It can also affect a site’s user experience and search results, as Google may not know the correct URL to rank for. As with duplicate titles, content can be duplicated on the same website or directly copied from another website, which is a serious SEO error.

4. Responsive design

A responsive website adapts to any screen size without losing its appearance. Users will see a design correctly adapted to their screen when they enter the web from different devices. Using a responsive design allows you to maintain the same look on all devices, regardless of screen size, thus avoiding common SEO mistakes when it comes to technical SEO. It also focuses on key elements like readability, increasing as text columns widen. This will make your website look more attractive and easy to use.

5. Text-HTML ratio

Using a good text to HTML ratio is crucial for an ideal SEO strategy. A good ratio ensures that your website loads quickly, provides a better user experience, and indirectly increases your search engine rankings.

How to calculate the text-HTML ratio

You can calculate the ratio between text and HTML by comparing your page’s visible text with the HTML code of your site by doing a simple division. Both text and HTML are made up of characters, so add the characters of the visible text and divide it by the total characters of your HTML code. When you have the result, multiply it by 100, giving you the percentage of each type of content.

How to avoid serious SEO mistakes

SEO starts with planning. Although it is possible to see immediate results in SEO, it is better to plan for the medium or long term. Most companies benefit from SEO strategies that provide sustainable results over a long period since they are the ones that last over time.

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