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Branding And SEO: Google Favours Brands With Recognition

Branding and SEO are strategies that work simultaneously, managing to promote brands on immeasurable scales. Yes, they go hand in hand. Although SEO generates organic traffic, it can also strengthen branding, increasing brand awareness.

You may not fully understand the relationship between the two strategies, but don’t worry! Reading this post, you will realize the importance of branding and SEO and how beneficial this combination is. Let’s go there!

What is the relationship between branding and SEO?

Branding and SEO can be defined as the ability of a brand to gain visibility in search engines every time users search for it. The domain that branding has on the internet influences any SEO action and therefore improves search results.

There are two ways to achieve good results in brand recognition: that users search for you directly because your brand is known or that they search for specific products and services thanks to recurring keywords, which are related to SEO.

And it is useless that you have a good positioning if users leave quickly without valuing what you offer; that is why branding is essential to strengthen and increase the image of the already positioned brand because a strategy between Branding and SEO will be an excellent way to achieve successful results for your business.

How does SEO help your brand recognition?

These are eight aspects of SEO that influence branding:

  • Relevance and authority: In relevance, it is valuable content for the user who accesses them and finds interest in them. In this regard, it is important to consider the keywords and the competition. While authority directly influences SEO positioning, relevant links are required.
  • Quality content: focused on responding to users’ needs to help improve search engine ranking. Ask yourself: what is your target? What needs does it have? What is it looking for on the internet? It is essential to write unique, original, and creative content to be well positioned and respond to a good user experience, which impacts improving branding visibility. This is added, accompanying it with a good web design and correct usability.
  • Responsive design: as we have mentioned before, having a good web design and user experience will help improve conversion rates, but also if we adapt it to intelligent devices.
  • Loading speed: Imagine that you have good positioning and branding results, but the loading speed is not good because you do not optimize the elements correctly. This will negatively affect the strategy.
  • Link Building strategy to improve SEO: internal link is a determining factor in SEO that helps improve brand recognition.
  • Beware of toxic links: receiving links that are not related to your website can be detrimental to SEO.
  • Indicators in social networks: it encourages obtaining good SEO positioning results because these indicators in social networks are taken into account by Google.
  • Influence of the domain: it is necessary to consider which domain is used and weigh the branding so that it reverts in SEO.

SEO strategies to improve your branding

We already know the relationship that exists between the SEO Brand. Now we will see the best strategies to improve brand recognition through SEO.

Link building

Link Building is a way to improve the performance of a web page through quality references on other pages. The more incoming links to the website Google detects the more authority and relevance will increase; therefore, the visibility and traffic of branding will improve. Things to keep in mind:

  • Use a natural and varied Anchor text.
  • Link to secondary page URLs.
  • Review the anchor texts.
  • Link websites that have a good rating.

Link Baiting

The strategy consists of obtaining natural links from other relevant pages to our website, through which the search engine, Google, determines the page’s position in the SERP results.

When Google sees that many links lead to a particular site, it positions it as high quality in the search results. In addition, the link baiting strategy increases web traffic, the conversion rate, and the number of customers and users, which also helps increase brand awareness and build trust.

Link baiting activities require creativity and time since the key is in the content; however, this strategy brings many benefits from SEO and branding.

Content optimization

Optimizing content for search engines is one of the best strategies to improve positioning and branding because it generates a higher traffic volume and increases the conversion rate, leads, and sales.

In fact, through the content, users value the branding of the company positively because it improves visibility in search results; therefore, it is one of the most profitable and effective brand awareness strategies. In turn, it makes it easier for users to share information on social networks, which helps increase social traffic.

It is just as important to work on the content optimization strategy as the message and elements that make it up. To do this, the following factors must be taken into account.

  • Adapt content to different smart devices: Attending usability and user experience.
  • Enrich the message with internal and referral links: you will gain value and credibility and differentiate yourself from the competition.
  • Incorporate visual elements: it helps the messages to be better assimilated.
  • Add resources: related articles, links to other blog posts, other content created by the company, etc.
  • Encourage interaction: let users express themselves and give their opinion.

Include your naming in headers and descriptions

This will significantly improve Branding and SEO because Google bots read the title and descriptions when they come in to crawl the URLs. This technique is used to associate a brand with a product or service and promote it on a large scale.


Experience, Authority, and Confidence. It consists of a series of guidelines for Google search quality evaluators to improve the positioning and quality of the web. The fundamental pillars are:

  • Quality content: informative and detailed content that comes from experts.
  • Work the web structure and get quality backlinks.
  • Ensuring the safety of page visitors.

Going into detail:

  • The experience is marked by web content.
  • Authority refers to how Google values ​​a website and what it ranks best.
  • Trust includes the security of the processes; users feel safe about the data they share on the web.

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