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Best Games For Children On Mobile Without Internet

Upon entering Google Play and the Apple App Store, we came across thousands of games to enjoy for free. However, when we try to find games without an Internet connection, the problem is more than evident. In most cases, children want to play games anywhere and at any time, where we do not have WiFi or it is the case that this month we do not have enough mobile data, which forces us to choose to look for these types of games so popular.

So that you do not find it a whole dilemma, we have put together a list of games for children without an Internet connection that will allow them to play how and when they want. This also prevents us from encountering unexpected purchases, since by turning off mobile data and WiFi, payments will not be able to be executed.

In any case, we always recommend that we do not allow children total freedom with their mobile phones and that we always pay a little attention to what they do.

Games for children without Internet on Android and iPhone

Temple run 2

We start the list with one of the most popular and well-known games of all time, an adventure where through simple movements we are going to overcome screens.

There are many levels that we find and some animations to match. Young and old will have fun for hours with this offline game for all mobiles, which never stops adding new features.

Alto’s Odyssey

The adventure for explorers most graphically pampered is undoubtedly Alto’s saga.

In this mobile game that does not need a connection, we will be able to test our reflexes in the story of a skier who must overcome more and more complicated levels.

From the little ones to the grown-ups they will enjoy it.

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Geometry Dash World

One of the most downloaded and simple games in the application stores is this simple game for children without the Internet .

All we have to do is calculate the pulse to jump at the right moment, which can be quite a training of reflexes and reaction speed.


An adventure that changes the classic games a lot, where skills and attention in the game will be key.

It will be necessary for children and adults to concentrate to overcome it, allowing them to have good moments of fun thanks to all the characters and levels available.

Dream league soccer

For those who like soccer we also find the best sports game without WiFi or mobile data.

In Dream League Soccer we will be able to play totally real matches, with a surprising graphic engine.

Use world-class players and build your team to win the most prestigious tournaments.

Angry Birds 2

There is no more popular game on mobile than Angry Birds, a simple game that children enjoy, without WiFi or data at all ages.

The game consists of trying to shoot birds at buildings and different tests to try to overcome the levels.

In this new edition, there are special levels based on Christmas, so it will be great for these dates.

Hill Climb Racing 2

One of the car games for children without Internet that can not be missing on any mobile, with countless levels, tracks, and cups to race.

There will always be a new reason for them to play mobile thanks to the fact that we can change vehicles and improve them. Will they manage to win all the races?

Fruit ninja

The adventure of the Fruit Ninja game is the one that entertains the little ones the most, as it is a fast and offline game, which allows them to play a quick game anytime, anywhere.

They will only have to be attentive to identify the fruits and bombs, thus managing to go to the next level and discover new challenges.

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