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How To Find Free Games Without Ads On Mobile

There are thousands and thousands of games that we find in Google Play to enjoy on Android phones. However, it is not easy to find the ideal one for us. This is often because we try to find free games and without advertising, something that is not easy at all, although there are many options.

Unfortunately, Google Play does not offer any method to search for them directly with a series of filters applied and we will have to rely solely on the words that we use in the search engine or on the selected categories.

But what many do not know is that there is a way to do better searches for games on Android, something that will make things much easier for us.

Google Play Games, the only thing we need

Other times we have needed many tools or steps to be able to enjoy some technology tricks, but this time we are only going to need to have access to an app on Android phones that is developed by Google itself.

This tool already comes pre-installed on some Android phones, but in other cases, we will have to get hold of it from Google Play. Looking for it as if it were any other app, we will come across it as one of the first options and after installing it we can continue with the steps.

Its purpose, in the beginning, was to group all the games in the same app, providing the option to save all the progress. In addition, it is the center of the prizes that we can get in each Google Play game, with achievements that offer us a reputation among friends.

However, in recent times they have made it gain advantages, such as the one that we are going to know on this occasion and which gives it even more sense to be on our Android smartphone.

We start with the search

Once inside Google Play Games, we will enter directly with one of the Google accounts that we have on our mobile. This will save us steps and instantly take us to the home tab. In case it is not the one we want, you just have to click on your profile and choose a different one.

In the beginning, we will only have to slide through the screen, passing instant games, recommended games, and many other categories. But once we get to the end, we will come across the options we are looking for and what more possibilities for the choice of games it offers us.

Filters to avoid ads in games

In the final part of the home screen, we will see how there is a section called All games. Below we have a series of buttons that we can touch to choose these search filters. By sliding your finger from left to right we can exchange them.

As you can see, one of the options that seem to us is the games without ads. What just touches it will change the games that we can choose to install and enjoy. Here we will also see the free games so that we do not have to pay for them to enjoy them either.

The rest of the available filters are:

  • Popular
  • New
  • Instantaneous
  • Premium
  • Free download
  • Advertisements
  • No Ads
  • In-app purchases
  • No additional purchases
  • Selection of our experts
  • Horizontal or vertical
  • Play games
  • Relatives
  • Categories
  • Accessible for the blind.

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