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Best AI Chrome Extensions You Should Know About

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers for all its features for an unbeatable browsing experience, including extensions, and this is where AI has also arrived to make your life easier. These are the best you should know.

A very useful help

Google Chrome extensions have revolutionized the way we browse. These small applications provide additional functionality that allows us to personalize the Internet access experience.

Among the many categories of extensions, those incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) stand out for improving productivity, security and efficiency for online tasks. In addition, there are more and more extensions to make your day-to-day life easier.

The best AI-powered Chrome extensions

Although Google Chrome extensions are powerful tools that enhance and personalize the online browsing experience, those incorporating AI have additional capabilities powered by advanced algorithms.

Of all the available ones, these are the most useful.


Jasper might be the best AI-gifted writing assistant as it leads the market with its impressive features and functions. Just teach him a few words, and he’ll analyze them and be able to create sentences, paragraphs or documents based on the topic and tone of voice.

The platform has over 50 AI content generation templates, including press releases, emails, Facebook ad generators, marketing text, and Google ads.

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This is the perfect Google Chrome extension for those who constantly telework.

Suppose you hold many meetings via video call, either by Zoom or Google Meet, with this little assistant. In that case, you can record the calls, analyze the conversation and even transfer everything that happened in a more than detailed summary to text.


Murf is one of the most famous and unique AI speech generators on the market, allowing you to convert text to speech and create dictation to generate voice-overs. Today it is used by professionals of all kinds: product developers, podcasters, teachers…

Murf offers many customization options to help you create the best natural-sounding vocals. It has numerous ringtones and dialects to choose from and a user-friendly interface. Specifically, we can work with over 100 AI voices in around 15 languages ​​.

Super reply

Suppose you are one of those who accumulate thousands of emails month after month. In that case, SuperReply is a great help, as it is an email response generator that integrates into your Google browser.

This tool is popular among eCommerce customer support teams and businesses that need to handle a high volume of emails.

SuperReply is easy to use and integrates with Gmail and Outlook in just a few clicks. Additionally, it suggests personalized responses based on the context and tone of the email, allowing us to respond professionally and with ease.

ChatGPT for Google

Of course, the fashionable artificial intelligence tool could be included in this compilation of AI-based extensions for your Google browser.

ChatGPT extension for Google is a powerful tool that can help you with Google searches. It provides relevant information, including instructions to find your needed information, with a single click. All you have to do is install the extension from the Chrome web store, and you’re good to go.

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