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8 Technological Developments Of 2023 That Will Surprise Us

Technological innovations in 2023 are full of surprising changes, just like in 2022. Last year there were unpredictable developments, such as the launch by Meta of a virtual reality headset for 1500 dollars or the appearance in December of the ChatGPT. This artificial intelligence bot is capable of generating intelligent answers to questions that are asked. But technology keeps advancing, and in this article here we talk about eight technological developments of 2023 that will give a lot to talk about.

One of the clearest trends in 2023 is the awareness that the most disruptive innovation no longer goes through universities or research centres. Entrepreneurs are the ones who offer the best solutions to our society. Many of the most cutting-edge technological advances are related to projects by entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg or Peter Thiel, among others who are not yet as well known. This post will discuss the most important technological developments that 2023 has in store for us.

1. Neuronal Synaptic Connection

Neuralink, a company linked to Elon Musk, is testing the neural synaptic connection. This means that in a short time, we will be able to eat a hamburger in the metaverse or feel anything: the wind, pleasure or smells. The technology is already in the experimental phase, and its applications will soon be available. Still, Musk is far from the only entrepreneur working on innovative solutions to improve mental health, treat neurological diseases or heal brain injuries. Neuroscience is expected to reach a market value of $41.4 billion by 2030. This will be one of the technological developments of 2023; It could happen that this year we will see the first human with a chip connected to the brain.

2. The Metaverse will be a reality

The metaverse, which Mark Zuckerberg is promoting, will continue to be a technological trend in 2023. Having a replica in the metaverse of “Avatars or Digital Twins” to carry out all the tests one wants without any risk already exists. Still, it will be in 2023 when we see the development of this technology that has been used intensively in Formula 1.

For much of the past decade, tech companies have been promoting virtual reality headsets like the Quest 2, HTC Vive, and Sony PlayStation VR for playing video games. Now that technology has become more connected and wireless, tech companies are making big promises that these headsets will reshape our lives by 2023, just as smartphones did in their day.

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3. Artificial Intelligence invades our lives

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already immersed in our daily activities, although we have not yet realized it. Users have marvelled at the language capabilities of ChatGPT, which we talked about earlier, and AI experts mention that despite its flaws, we can realistically expect AI companies to improve on the strengths of these devices. Chatbots with tools that simplify how we read or write texts. In 2023, many of the applications we already use for work, such as Microsoft Word or Google, may begin to integrate AI to optimize people’s workflows.

Automating repetitive tasks or processes using software is nothing new, but integrating AI into software to make work faster and more efficient will be. In 2023 this technology will be used in Smart Cities, Smart Companies, Smart Factories and Smart Universities. Combining data with Artificial Intelligence, remote management, autonomous operations, and control centres will facilitate any management.

Robotics is also connected with AI and machine learning. Its ability to destroy jobs in the future is massive, so this year, there may be serious talk of anti-robot strikes and demonstrations. A smart approach would be to position robots as an aid to workers, not competitors or substitutes.

4. Electric cars beyond Tesla

Tesla had its dominance in electric vehicle sales during the year 2022, but this year could create a turning point in the industry. Competition in the automobile market is intensifying as other vehicle manufacturers such as Ford Motor, Kia, General Motors, Audi, and Rivian increase their production of electric cars. In addition, Tesla has said it will open up its charging connector design to other electric cars, allowing drivers of different vehicle brands to recharge their batteries at Tesla charging stations.

5. Landing of 6G

Much has already been said about combining 5G with the Internet of Things in Industry 4.0. But what is clear is that once the 5G network is deployed, the operators will have no choice but to offer their customers more capacity. For this reason, deploying the 6G commercial network will be one of the technological developments of 2023, even more so when it is widely known that China is leading the way in implementing these networks.

6. Incursion of Super Apps in the market

It has yet to be determined if it will be a fashion, although this trend coming from and consolidated in Asia is already a reality. These are mobile apps that do it all. The best example is the App WeChat, which offers services such as messaging, mobile payments, online shopping, hotel reservations, and financial services. It is increasingly adding more functionality to its application.

7. Biotechnology and HealthTech

Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence will continue to give us new possibilities in health this year. We will see amazing things in terms of preventive medicine, improved quality of life in old age, mental health, anti-aging and cell regeneration, and organs and synthetic skins with superhuman properties.

8. Decentralized energy

In 2023 we will see significant advances in developing decentralized electricity networks. This model uses small generators from renewable sources, with different storage systems, in neighbouring communities. Decentralized energy initiatives have the potential to democratize energy generation. Among other advantages, they take advantage of local resources, eliminate losses associated with distribution and reduce carbon emissions.

Finally, although the European Union is the third largest economy in the world, in 2023, it will not be considered a leader in the technology sector. Europe is home to just 13% of the world’s largest technology companies. The European bloc lags behind Japan and South Korea. It has also lagged significantly behind the United States and China in creating technology giants, such as Nokia once did in Finland.

Throughout the year, we will see how all these new technological developments of 2023 are being implemented. Technology will continue to lead the changes in the market and the industry, as has been the case in recent years.

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