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9 Technological Transformations That Will Be A Trend In 2022

In recent years, technology has become part of our daily lives and makes our lives easier. Who could live now without their mobile, even without their food processor?

We all indeed have a process of adapting to new technologies; however, the appearance of Covid 19 has meant a race regarding integrating new technologies into our routine.

How many of you have switched to mobile payment and online shopping?

Technological trends in organizations

Technology adapts to our lives just as it does to organizations. Every technological process has a period of maturity and implementation, so the implementation or change within an organization also involves a period of adaptation and maturity.

Can you imagine working alongside robots in your office? Surely in one way or another, someone has already begun to experience this technological trend.

Technology, despite being a gradual process, is a process that cannot be reversed. As much as new technological trends seem surprising to us and future ones seem unimaginable, the technology that we now see as new will be obsolete in a few years, and we will not be able to live without it.

Day by day, technology is redefining the future, and with it, every year, there are new trends to follow that are consolidating.

9 Tech Trends 2022

According to the Forbes report, these are the 9 new technological trends that will begin to become relevant in 2022:

1. Blockchain

For those who haven’t heard it yet, blockchain is a cryptographic accounting system that guarantees the integrity of transactions made on the web.

In other words, this new technology trend allows you to transfer digital data with sophisticated coding, and its characteristics are:

  • They are transmitted securely.
  • It does not require an intermediary to identify and certify the information.
  • Once entered, the information cannot be deleted.

2. Mobile Commerce or M-Commerce

As we all know, eCommerce has set the trend and is here to stay. However, more and more people are making purchases using their mobile devices. Therefore, implementing this technological trend allows us to learn more about the user and make the purchase process easier.

We can say that it is a nascent form of process automation. It is used to apply structured processes based on existing data in the digital world.

It is an already mature technology beginning to be implemented in some sectors.

The typical RPA software application or robot works in the user interface (UI) similarly to how people work.

3. Software Development

This new technological trend is increasingly growing, and little by little, companies are introducing it into their processes. It is about developing the software that allows you to easily adapt to the organization’s information needs to increase efficiency and reduce errors.

4. Robotic Processing Automation

It is a developing technological trend of process automation. It is used to apply structured processes based on existing data in the digital world.

It is an already mature technology beginning to be implemented in some sectors.

The typical RPA software application or robot works in the user interface (UI) similarly to how people work.

5. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Surely you have heard about this new technological trend, which consists of systems or machines that imitate human intelligence to perform tasks. It is currently one of the most common technological trends as it improves the performance of an organization by automating business processes.

We can see artificial intelligence in our daily lives with personal assistants, with Google translate, in smart cars, on smartphones with artificial intelligence photos (known as the ‘portrait effect’), with smart photo management, Google recommendation of products and services…

Who is not already friends with Siri?

6. DataAnalysis

Data analytics is also very effective when predicting different risk areas, with alert rates that could lead to a certain crisis.

In an organization, data analytics technology achieves:

  • Improve operational efficiency.
  • Improve and optimize the user and customer experience.
  • Refine the business model.

7. Digital transformation

Digital transformation is the change associated with applying digital technologies in all aspects of human society, especially in organizations.

A clear example of a digital transformation success story is Volvo, which focused on designing new digital services and products so that Volvo drivers can always be connected to their cars through apps or devices.

8. Fintech

This technological trend is gradually gaining importance and is becoming more widely known. Fintech, as its name suggests, comes from the combination of Finance + Technology, and it is about applying the latest technologies to the service or the financial field.

Fintech mainly brings five innovation types: payment platform, digital credit, encrypted assets, blockchain, and crowdfunding.

The 4 keys to success are:

Better understand customer needs.

  • Put the customer at the center and take care of it.
  • Offer great opportunities to innovate.
  • Being able to access financing.

9. Advanced Manufacturing or Industry 4.0

As Deloitte shows us in its article, industry 4.0. It implies an industrial revolution that combines intelligent technologies in organizations, people, and assets.

This new technological trend is marked by new technologies such as robotics, analytics, artificial intelligence, cognitive technologies, nanotechnology, and the Internet of Things (IoT), among others.

It is important to organizations because it improves business operations and revenue growth, transforming products, the supply chain, and customer expectations.

As we can see, these new technologies are here to stay, and little by little, both people and organizations will incorporate them into our daily lives.

It is very important that any organization that wants to make a difference and be up-to-date in the market take good note and apply these technological trends within their processes and company procedures.

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