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8 Advantages Of Having A Cloud Computing Service

Cloud Computing has gone from emerging technology to a vital IT resource in many organizations. The demand for the cloud will continue to increase at massive levels this year, especially in those companies that want to position themselves at the forefront of the market. Although the pandemic significantly accelerated their adoption, even before 2020, cloud solutions are the next big thing in IT.

Cloud computing, often referred to simply as “the cloud,” is the provision of computing resources on demand, from applications to data centres, over the Internet on a pay-as-you-go basis.

This technology, as we will see throughout this post, is very beneficial not only for large companies but also for SMEs since, in this way, they can have resources to which they would not have access under normal conditions and can compete on equal terms with other larger companies in terms of resources.

Cloud computing allows access to a large volume of information related to the Company’s activity without investing in an infrastructure to access and dispose of it. Savings for hardware, software, security, support, maintenance, etc., are significant.

Characteristics of cloud computing

Before discussing the advantages of a cloud computing system, you should know about other striking aspects of this system.

By implementing this service, your business will not need to install applications on the computer equipment to save all the files; in this case, you will not load the computers with heavy information, and it can run faster.

For this reason, the cloud storage system will be responsible for saving all this information in a cloud environment to speed up all the work and thus allow workers to access the data using the internet browser.

In addition, this type of technology monitors and controls the performance of computer resources and allows you to migrate all your information from any server, platform or operating system…

Eight advantages of cloud computing

Next, we are going to see the advantages of using a cloud computing service :

1. Cost savings

A cloud computing system allows you to reduce the costs of your business since you will not need to invest in large infrastructures or software licenses. In addition, your Company will only pay for what it uses.

2. Greater accessibility and mobility

By having all the data in the cloud, employees can access it from anywhere and on any device. A great advantage for companies that adopt telecommuting is that their workers can carry out tasks from anywhere.

3. Increased security

With cloud computing, you won’t need to make backup copies from time to time because this system does them automatically, and if your computer breaks, you won’t lose the information since it will be stored in the cloud.

4. Unlimited storage

Storage in the cloud allows you to have almost unlimited space to store all the information of your Company, which, unlike an external hard drive, you will not have to be deleting data from time to time due to lack of space.

5. Scalability

A cloud computing system adapts to the needs and characteristics of each organization. For this reason, an SME and a multinational can face the cost of this service since they choose the storage they need at any given time.

6. Respect for the environment

It is an excellent advantage for people aware of the environment; these cloud services do not waste so much energy because they only use what is necessary. Less commuting is also carried out to work in the office, and with this, environmental pollution is reduced.

7. Automatic updates

When you have an application installed on your computer, it is expected that you have to update it when new versions come out. In the case of the cloud computing system, the updates are automatically carried out; therefore, you do not need to waste time on manual installations.

8. Improve employee collaboration

Any employee can access and share new information with all the data in the cloud. This makes teamwork and internal communication much more accessible since everyone can access the cloud simultaneously.

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