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5 Easy Ways To Pay Your Axis Credit Card Bill Online

Although all credit cards are normally invoiced at the end of each month, and the fee needs to be paid for the service to continue, many customers choose Axis Bank credit cards because they offer exciting features and significant discounts. Axis Bank credit card can be used to make a variety of payments. Understand how to pay your credit card bills online.

As the world gets more digital, more people are choosing to pay their bills online. That is why Axis Bank offers a variety of methods for customers to pay their credit card bills easily and quickly.

Axis Bank Mobile Banking Application

  • Users of Axis credit card have to download this app to their mobile devices and log in with their customer ID.
  • The user then has to select the “Credit Card Payment Option” under the “Credit Card” page to pay a credit card balance.
  • The mobile app allows users to access their savings accounts from anywhere while providing greatly enhanced safety for credit card accounts utilizing 128-bit SSL protection.
  • Axis Bank Net Banking
  • Axis Bank customers with Current or Savings accounts must sign up for this service. After registration, customers can make payments online.
  • Users can link their Axis Bank credit cards to their accounts after enrolling in Axis Net Banking. The ATM pin must be used to connect the Axis Bank credit card to the Net Banking account.
  • Login to the bank’s website’s net banking service and choose the “Credit Card Payment Option” under the credit card tab to pay your credit card bills. Use the Axis Bank savings account to pay your bills.
  • Autopay
  • You can use the Autopay option to set up standing orders for automatic debits on your Axis Bank accounts to pay your outstanding credit card bills. For people who have several credit cards, this is a fantastic solution.
  • For your Axis credit card payment, you may use the Autopay option to automatically pay the minimum monthly payment or the full balance due. When keeping an Axis Bank savings account as a lone customer or joint account, a signing mandate with the words “either” or “any” should be utilized.

Online mode for accounts other than Axis

Without opening an Axis Bank account, you can obtain an Axis credit card and pay your credit card bill with a non-Axis Bank account. Users of Axis credit cards have several alternatives for making online credit card payments using their other bank accounts.

Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS)

  • Even if you don’t have an Axis Bank account and frequently make large purchases with your credit card, you can use the RGTS option to pay all of your credit card bills at once.
  • You only need active net banking on your non-Axis Bank account to perform an RTGS transaction; you can send payments up to Rs. 2 lakh through RTGS.

National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT)

  • You can pay your Axis credit card bill using the NEFT feature from any other bank account. Your credit card number is frequently required when sending payments using NEFT as the payee account number.
  • Depending on the bank, the instructions could differ a little. Payments made during regular business hours on a weekday are reimbursed the same day; payments made beyond those hours are credited the next business day.
  • To pay your invoices with NEFT to your Axis Bank credit cards, use the IFSC code.


People now frequently use credit cards to do daily tasks including paying energy bills, mobile phone bills, grocery shopping, etc. The rewards and perks of Axis cards differ depending on the card.

Moreover, Axis offers a variety of ways for customers to manage and pay for their credit cards, which they can select based on convenience.


Q.1 Is there any fees associated with using a credit card to pay online at Axis Bank?

No, Axis Bank’s online services come at no fee whatsoever.

Q.2 Are transactions made using credit cards through Axis Bank’s online banking service secure?

Customers of Axis Bank may rest easy knowing that every payment they make is made on a secure platform using 128-bit SSL encryption.

3.What exactly are income proofs for credit cards?

Income documentation includes the most recent paycheck, Form 16, and the Taxes On Income (IT) form. Other required documents for salaried employees to Apply for a Credit Card include Aadhaar, a PAN card, a driving license, a voter ID card, and a passport are all acceptable forms of identification. Address proof includes a utility bill/phone bill, a passport, a ration card, a driver’s license, or a voter identification card.

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