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4G And 5G Router: How They Work And What Devices Are On The Market

The possibility of having the Internet anywhere is already a reality thanks to smartphones and technological advances. However, a more powerful connection is sometimes needed, whether to work, watch movies or play video games. The portable 5G router and the previous 4G router are the optimal solutions to have high-power Internet anywhere.

In today’s article, we tell you how 4G and 5G routers work, their advantages and some models. Take it!

Portable 5G router: high-speed MiFi connection

One way to connect to the Internet outside the home with a computer is by sharing data from a smartphone as an access point. Still, the power will differ from connecting to a portable 5G router, which offers much more speed and stability to work, see content or play video games. This device with a MiFi connection supports linking devices and staying connected from anywhere with 5G coverage and 4G for places where 5G does not reach.

One of the advantages of a portable 5G modem is that you will have the speed and connection of the fibre you have contracted in your home, anywhere where a 5G signal is broadcast. And if 5G has yet to arrive, you can always connect to a 4G point.

The precursor of this modem has been Vodafone, with the launch of a 5G router at the last Mobile World Congress, which is already on sale throughout the country.

This works as an alternative to fibre optics and has been presented as such since it is a self-installable router that can be taken anywhere, contracting an individual rate or associating it with a mobile line.

The operation of this type of router is very simple since it does not require wiring installation, you only need a 5G SIM that will connect to a 5G mobile network after turning it on, as long as there is connectivity, and you can transmit WIFI to all devices connected to this network.

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What to consider before buying a 4G or 5G router

Currently, there are few MiFi devices with 5G connections. As 5G connection points increase, the manufacture of this type of modem also increases, although, at the moment, this alternative is costly.

In addition, there are some technical aspects to consider when purchasing a portable 4G or 5G router:

  • Dual-band WIFI connection: Dual-band routers connect to 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies. In the first case, this band allows a stable connection over greater distances; in the second case, the connection will be faster.
  • Wireless connection: If the utility that will be given is as a portable modem to connect anywhere, a 3,000mAh or higher battery will be necessary so that its autonomy is greater. Thus, it can be used anywhere that does not have access to the electrical network, such as a campsite.
  • The number of devices that can be connected: If the portable router is going to be used to connect a large number of devices, it is important to consider its maximum capacity and whether the connection remains equally stable with the increase in users.
  • Download speed: The optimal thing is to bet on a portable router that exceeds 150 Mbps to enjoy a good streaming experience or when significant data transfer is needed.

4G routers with 5G connection

More and more 4G routers have a 5G connection, the first being the so-called “5G Home” from Vodafone. Some features that stand out are the possibility of connecting up to 35 devices and the connection speed of up to 1 Gbps in 5G.

At the moment, the cities of Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Seville, Zaragoza, Malaga, Bilbao are the ones that can enjoy this connection with Hogar 5G. Still, Vodafone is going to expand it to another 65 cities gradually.

Other routers with 5G connections are:


  • Speed ​​up to 3.6 Gbps in 5GHz frequency
  • 11 frequency bands
  • Bang 5000 chipset
  • WIFI 6


  • Speed ​​up to 1.2 Gbps in 5GHz frequency
  • Qualcomm SDX55 chipset
  • WIFI 6
  • Connection up to 32 devices

Zyxel 5G Mobile WiFi

  • Speed ​​up to 1.2 Gbps in 5GHz frequency
  • Qualcomm SDX55 chipset
  • WIFI 6

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