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2022 Technology Trends For Businesses

There are many challenges that we will face in 2022, from COVID-19 and Omicron to climate change, and what must be clear is that digital technologies will continue to play a vital role in companies: Cybersecurity, hybrid models of work, cloud platforms, robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, technological sustainability and agrotech, 5G, IoT, blockchain, NFT, metaverse or Smart ERP will gain particular importance.

Cybersecurity will become one of the priorities of companies

In recent months, large companies and public institutions have been victims of cyberattacks, and this year will not be any different. Ransomware or phishing will not let up in 2022, and the main gateways are expected to be the Internet of Things, mobile phones, cloud service providers, or social engineering. Companies must be prepared to have internal data protection and information security plans.

The hybrid model of work

During the last two years, we have gone from the total teleworking modality for those positions that allowed it to implement a hybrid model in most companies, turning the workspace into a tool to promote commitment, flexibility, collaboration, sustainability, and well-being.

Cloud platforms

The trend of moving critical systems to the cloud will continue to grow in 2022, as will integrating multi-cloud and hybrid models. The consumption of technology as a service and the implementation of cloud projects will be accentuated to improve the customer experience without forgetting security, data governance, and cost control.

Companies that already have their infrastructure and cloud systems will want to advance to the next level by betting on optimization and automation.

Robotic Process Automation

RPA is another strong point this year and will become a standard technology for companies in 2022. Your goal? Reduce time and effort for those people who execute repetitive operations.

Hyper Automation (combination of RPA with other technologies, such as AI or IoT), the expansion of automated services, or the governance of robots will be the trends in 2022.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence will be critical in increasing the productivity and growth of organizations. It will be necessary to have people with the skills needed to know how to implement it in the different business areas of the organization. You will gain weight in human resources, finance, and accounting.

Sustainability and agrotech

If there is something that all companies have to be clear about, the future must be sustainable, or it will not be. Companies will be able to launch projects financed by the ‘Next Generation EU ‘ recovery fund that stimulate a more sustainable economic model. The digitization of the agricultural sector will be of particular importance.

5G and Hyperconnectivity

5G brings an increase in connection speed and connectivity. Still revolutionary is its latency, that is, the time it takes to transmit information, reducing it to a millisecond, compared to 20 or 30 seconds of 4G networks. This new generation of internet connections will show its full potential in the internet of things. The volume of sensors, devices, and machines that can be connected to a 5G wireless network without saturating it is such that we can speak of hyperconnectivity.


Cybersecurity, secure digital contracts, process streamlining, etc. These are some of the benefits that the blockchain can generate in your company.


The NFT, Non-Fungible Tokens, is a digital certificate of authenticity that, through blockchain technology, is associated with a single and exclusive digital file. Although the first operations were more related to the art sector, 2022 will be marked by the extension of this technology to the business world.


Thanks to Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud Computing and 5G/6G, closely linked to massive data management in real-time and online, and the blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), related to individual property and the creation of online businesses, in a faster, safer, even private and anonymous way, these immersive virtual spaces to do business, buy, work, study, socialize or entertain ourselves, a replica of the natural world in virtual, is closer than we think.

Smart ERP

Accelerating digital transformation in companies is much more than connecting to the cloud or the internet, being more essential than ever to have an Intelligent ERP that allows you to connect everything, being key aspects such as flexibility, mobility, predictive analysis, or integration with other technologies: e-commerce, IoT, CRM, MES software.

Keeping up with technological advances is not easy. Technologies, methodologies, or professional profiles constantly emerge that cover specific needs that we sometimes are unaware of. Having the advice of experts with years of experience solving problems in organizations can be of great help to put the “turbo” towards digital transformation, optimizing resources, reducing costs, and focusing on your goals.

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