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Zoom Phone: Zoom’s Commitment To Revolutionizing Telephony In Companies

Even though Zoom Phone has been a reality for a long time (precisely since 2019), this year, it will be one of Zoom’s main bets, and it is that it has many reasons to bet on this product that will revolutionize how companies communicate today.

With Zoom software, and thanks to simple technology, both large and small companies can have the requirements that a large multinational would use without spending significant investments or buying new devices.

Calls, video calls, emails, chat, and teamwork tools from the same portal

The advantage of being able to call, video call, or have all the elements to work as a team from the same portal not only has the advantage of usability and comfort. The main advantage is that we do not lose information even though we are working remotely, so we can constantly measure and improve our processes, facilitate our customer service and give our employees all the tools they need, whether in our offices or your home, without having to add complicated software or new hardware.

Everything is used and centralized from the same application, which can also be downloaded to the phone or any device, regardless of whether it is Windows, Apple macOS, Apple iOS, or Google Android.

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Easy to integrate with lots of software

From Salesforce to its main competition, Microsoft Teams, they can easily be incorporated into Zoom, going through many business management tools such as Google G Suite or even a Contact Center in the cloud, such as Five9.

Although Zoom already offers us all the possibilities (mail, chat, artificial intelligence…), we can tailor it to suit the needs and possibilities of our company without having to invest in new training or new protocols if we do not consider it necessary.

Expansion of international coverage

Thanks to the fact that it is cloud telephony, we can talk to anyone in the world without exceeding costs. Zoom has expanded its global coverage to more than 47 territories natively, incorporating the flexible BYOC option, through which we can use Zoom Phone with any other international operator.

Call security and compliance

Zoom’s effort in security translates into the installation of solid protocols and certifications that ensure total confidentiality and security both in the calls themselves and in their transfer.

Zoom continues to add numerous compliance, connectivity, or security features such as Zoom Phone Provider Exchange, Nomadic E911, SMS, Power Pack, or video mail.

Lots of features and functionality

Not only usability, international coverage, and call security are part of the Zoom firm, which always tries to go further to give its users extra features that improve the quality of their work.

These are some of the features you can find which will give you an idea of ​​the possibilities that Zoom Phone offers your company.

  • Call transfer: Easily, we can transfer our call to one person and a group of them in call or video call format, regardless of where you are.
  • Call recording: Zoom Phone offers call recording, as well as its complete transcription and archiving, to have a record of all our calls and interactions with our clients, as well as to evaluate our operators, if necessary.
  • Voicemails: Sending and archiving voicemails to users and customers can also be integrated with our CRM software, such as Salesforce.
  • Call delegation: In this case, we can have one of our operators make calls on behalf of executives, for example, in the case of a secretary who has to establish a call to his boss or similar.
  • Silent listening and call supervision: Along with the recording capacity, this functionality allows us to supervise our customer service, or for example, for an assistant who needs to take notes for an executive. In addition, Zoom Phone allows the supervisor to “whisper” or speak to someone who is speaking directly without the other person knowing. If there is a problem, the supervisor can take control of the call at any time.
  • Presence and availability: Thanks to Zoom Phone, we will know perfectly if the person with whom we want to establish an interaction is available for a call so that we do not interfere in their work.
  • Shared lines and shared line groups: Thanks to this functionality, you can create groups of users with the same access to the line and your voicemail, regardless of where these users are. In the case of the shared line, the user can recover the line of a previous user without losing any information along the way.

Efficient telephony management

The Zoom Phone administrator has a multitude of functionalities that you can apply easily, with Zoom’s usability characteristic.

From configuring music on hold, it is accessing call records, managing call queues, or, for example, establishing quality control panels thanks to its advanced control features.

Do not lose telephony even in the face of connection interruptions

Zoom Phone has a survival protocol that allows it to continue operating in a hybrid way thanks to its Zoom Node device.

Incorporate Zoom Phone in your company

Zoom, as well as its various tools, are an opportunity for your company to grow and collaborate with the technological development of society, improving its customer service processes, efficiency, and profitability.

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