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The Motherboard Of Your iMac Is Broken; What To Do?

What a hassle! Your iMac systematically refuses to start when you need it every day! You can try to press the power button, but nothing helps.

Even if your PC turns on, it shuts down right away. There may be a failure of the motherboard.

The lifeblood of your new desktop computer, the motherboard, orchestrates nearly every component of your Apple computer. From the SSD hard drive to the Intel processor, including the graphics card, RAM or RAM, sound card, USB ports, peripherals, memory modules, and external output connections, this part ensures the recognition of these elements by the system as their connection between them. Thanks to it, you can listen to music, use your applications, edit videos, or view your images. Fortunately, it is possible to repair the computer if the motherboard fails. Find out the best things to do if you have a motherboard problem.

Check if the problem comes from the motherboard

Strained from heavy use, carelessness, or extreme heat, your iMac motherboard can take a hit. Over time, signs of wear and fatigue appear. If you experience any of the following failures, there is a high chance that this centrepiece of your computer hardware is damaged:

  • Your iMac turns on with lights and fan noise, but nothing appears on the computer screen
  • Your desktop computer starts up, and then it shuts down suddenly,
  • You face a white screen
  • Your desktop pc fails to load the operating system
  • The motherboard cannot recognize or display peripherals and flash drives.
  • Your iMac starts up slowly.
  • Strange lines appear on your monitor
  • You smell a burning smell

Whether the failure is accidental, like the spillage of liquid on your desktop computer and the electrical or technical surge like the failure of some components, you will need to make sure that the motherboard is the source of the problem. To find out, do a few checks:

  • Shut down your iMac for at least 20 minutes, then restart it
  • Remove the Bios battery for about 30 minutes, then put it back in its place.
  • Test the RAM modules or replace them with other compatible models.
  • Check the power system.

Pay attention to the beeps emitted by the BIOS (Basic Input Output System) to check the status of all parts of your computer. The BIOS emits beep codes, depending on the nature of the faulty item. A series of 1-1-2-3 beeps certainly shows a PC motherboard failure.

Motherboard failure: iMac repair is possible!

That’s it, the verdict is in: the long verification does not bode well! Your motherboard is dead. Do not panic; this type of failure can be repaired! Your RAM, your processor, or one or more electronic components of this centrepiece of your computer are defective. It is possible to improve them depending on the circumstances:

  • If the screen is black or striped, the defective video card must be repaired or replaced.
  • If the iMac Pro refuses to start, one must change the faulty component such as the charging connector, battery replacement, or a part of the motherboard.
  • If the problem arises from contact with liquid, complete disassembly of the Apple computer will be required to do a quick deoxidation and cleaning of the part of your Apple Mac.

But, motherboard repair remains a complicated step that requires the intervention of an experienced computer technician in an iMac repair centre. A specialist in repairing Apple-branded computers, this expert in computer maintenance and repair can offer you a fast and safe repair service.

Having your iMac Pro repaired by a computer repair professional means enjoying full IT support. PC troubleshooting is done with professionalism. A PC repair centre can also offer quality spare parts for any desktop computer.

In the event of data loss or formatting of the Apple computer due to motherboard failure, an IT service specialist can also take care of:

  • Data backup
  • Recovering lost data
  • Reinstallation and configuration of your operating system after an express repair.
  • Data transfer

A recognized service technician can repair the computer in less than 24 hours in the event of failure of the motherboard of your Apple iMac.

Troubleshooting or replacing the motherboard: the answer from a specialized repairer!

In 80% of cases, a malfunction of Apple computers related to the motherboard is repairable. An IT technician specializing in troubleshooting and repair can detect the source of the problem and arrange to troubleshoot the desktop PC to avoid having a part replaced. But, sometimes it happens that computer troubleshooting is not enough. The damaged part must be replaced. This is the case, for example, if the motherboard is burnt following an electrical surge. It is, therefore, necessary to replace the defective part.

In short, the iMac repair or the replacement of the motherboard depends entirely on the problem of your desktop PC. Only a convenience store can answer your question. Do not hesitate to call a computer repairer near you, without an appointment, to benefit from flawless Mac and PC repair services under warranty. A computer repair specialist can even repair all models of Mac laptops.

All you have to do is request a free quote for a computer park maintenance contract or home computer troubleshooting. Sometimes, a maintenance and repair service centre offers computer repair services to individuals and professionals. It can also combine its services with smartphone repairs such as broken screen replacement or troubleshooting other Apple products such as the Macbook, iPad, or Mac mini.

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