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What Is TikTok For Business: How It Works, Advantages And Tips

As we already talked about in previous posts, TikTok is an app that has revolutionized the sector to the point that it has been proclaimed as one of the most downloaded mobile applications in recent years. What started as a simple app for recording music videos has reached 3.5 billion downloads worldwide, according to Doofinder.

In 2020, TikTok launched its new TikTok for Business tool aimed at companies and brands. With TikTok Business, you can create content more creatively and daringly, and it also allows you to participate actively and effectively in the great community that is TikTok, allowing brands to gain an audience and encourage engagement with their users. With the rise of social media, companies are looking for new ways to reach their target audience. TikTok for Business is a global platform that offers businesses and brands all current and future marketing solutions, including ads, content creation tools, data analytics, etc.

TikTok has belonged to the ByteDance company since 2016. Its merger in 2018 with propelled it to the international market under the name TikTok. If what you want is for your brand, products, and company… to be well known, TikTok for Business is your perfect application.

Keep reading because we are going to tell you what TikTok for Business is, how you can make the most of this app, and how TikTok for Businesses works. TikTok for Business is designed to create and consume unique and creative content.

What is TikTok for Business?

TikTok for Business is a global video platform for businesses and brands that houses all current and future marketing solutions. According to Katie Puris, Global Business Marketing at TikTok, “With TikTok for Business, our goal is to give marketers the tools to be discovered and connect with the great communities around them.”

TikTok for Business is designed to create and consume unique and creative content. Without a doubt, it is a perfect opportunity for companies and brands.

Advantages of TikTok for Business for companies

With TikTok for Business, companies and brands increase their chances of being known, reinforcing their brand image, connecting with their target audience, achieving their goals, etc. Some of the advantages of TikTok may be:

Participatory and united community. During confinement, the TikTok app was the most downloaded in March and has continued to increase in followers since then, reaching 1,218 million users worldwide, according to data from Statista. Its users are characterized by being very participatory and active in the use of TikTok. This is a unique opportunity for your company to carry out a marketing campaign and for users to see it and even participate in it. You will be able to generate a much more significant impact than on any other social network.

More creative videos. An essential requirement to have TikTok for Business is creativity. In this app, the videos stand out for their dynamism, colors, and sound effects. If you plan to upload a video to TikTok, we recommend that you be very creative. With TikTok for Business, your marketing videos will be much more innovative.

There are many more opportunities for them to meet you. As we have already said, the TikTok community is vast, and it has not stopped. This is a magnificent opportunity for companies. They can make their brand and products known easily and simply to thousands and thousands of users.

BrandedScan. A novelty that TikTok has implemented is the famous Augmented Reality. With this tool, you can present your products initially and attractively to users.

How TikTok for Business works

TikTok is a straightforward application to use. Upon entering, we can see three sections on the screen: a Home category, where you can see the most popular videos of the moment, along with those assigned to your personal preferences. On the other hand, we find the Trends category, where the videos that have become viral are found. Finally, we have the Creation category to start recording your videos.

If we focus on the Creation section, the steps to follow to upload a video are also straightforward:

  • First of all, we have to choose the duration we want for our video. You can also add some effects if you wish.
  • The speed can also be changed: we can increase or decrease it, add filters, use beauty mode…
  • By pressing the center button, we start recording the video. If you want your video to have different shots, you can press that button to pause and resume recording. This way, you will be able to create an effect of dynamism in your creations.
  • When you have the video recorded, you can continue adding effects later, such as texts, stickers, sounds, etc.
  • The last step is to upload your video. You can add hashtags, describe what’s happening, add a creative title… When everything is ready, you have to click on Publish, and the TikTok community can view it.

How to promote your company on TikTok for Business

Now, we are going to offer you some tips to boost your company or brand on TikTok for Business correctly and effectively.

Find the target audience or buyer persona. We must remember that the majority of TikTok users are centennials. However, according to data from GlobalWebIndex, 41% of the TikTok community is made up of people between 16 and 24 years old, meaning there is also a large segment of the millennial audience. Be clear about your target audience or buyer persona and focus on reaching them.

Generate creative and fun content. We repeat it: creativity is essential on TikTok. We assure you that if you create videos that are spontaneous, creative, and dynamic… they will be guaranteed success in the app.

Think about the contents. Remember that you are promoting your company, brand, and products… you cannot create content of any type. Take some time to think about how your content could fit on TikTok.

Throw challenges. On TikTok, “hashtag challenges” undoubtedly stand out. These are based on encouraging network users to create or recreate content using a brand hashtag. Use this opportunity to create your hashtag and challenge your audience to generate derived content. You will get more views. Therefore, it will reach more people, and you will increase brand recognition.

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