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What Is The CRO In Marketing?

In digital marketing, the concept of conversion is one of the most important, and we must master it perfectly. Today we will cover everything you need to know about CROs in Marketing.

When talking about digital marketing, many people think of numerous techniques to achieve objectives or results for their business. It is very common to think of social networks, e-commerce, SEO… But there are more things apart from all that.

And there are so many acronyms in the vocabulary of this profession that many times some, like the CRO, go unnoticed. But before starting to talk about what CRO is in Marketing, it is necessary to clarify the meaning of two very important concepts.

On the one hand, the term conversion refers to all the actions that the client performs on a website in line with their objectives, for example: filling out a form, clicking on a banner, placing an order, etc. And on the other hand, the conversion rate is very important when it comes to keeping track of the results of a web page and evaluating its efficiency.

Once the conversion and conversion rate concepts have been defined, it is time to enter CRO marketing.

What is the CRO in digital marketing?

CRO is the acronym for Conversion Rate Optimization or Conversion Optimization. It refers to a strategy to increase conversion on a specific web page by taking advantage of its existing traffic.

Some benefits of CRO in marketing:

  • Increase your business profits and profitability at the lowest possible cost
  • Achieve profitability at the best cost per customer
  • It is not necessary to invest more in an advertising strategy
  • Better understand the behaviour and interests of your target audience
  • Common mistakes in the CRO
  • Don’t test. It is important to try changes of all kinds without fear of failure
  • Put little text
  • Replicate the strategies of another business
  • Not using usability and aesthetics together in the design of the page

What aspects can be treated in the optimization of a web page?

Having a web page oriented to the user’s needs can help increase the conversion rate. There are many essential aspects to take into account when carrying out this process, but among the most outstanding are:

Charging time

Loading time is a concept that refers to the number of seconds that pass from when a user clicks on a specific link until they view its content. In this sense, improving it can be a factor that determines both the user experience and the SEO positioning of the page.

Dwell time

This metric refers to the time the user spends on the page and is essential insofar as it is one of the factors that Google uses to position different pages in the SERP.

Use suitable Keywords

The keywords or keywords are terms that the user usually enters in a particular search engine to solve their questions, doubts, or information needs. Making correct use of these means taking advantage of the benefit of sending any content to the user and making your website known.

Quality content

Developing quality content can be the key to opening the door to achieving higher conversion. How can this be done? Through a content strategy. Without forgetting the importance of including internal links within it, since they facilitate the tracking and indexing of the site by the Google robot and contribute to its positioning.

What types of content exist?

  • Newsletter
  • Infographics
  • Blog
  • e-books
  • Reports
  • white paper marketing

The CRO is a key strategy in digital marketing that should not be neglected and must be accompanied by a good content strategy to attract the user and make them more involved with the brand, always moving forward in the marketing funnel. Conversion.

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