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What Is Marketing Automation? And What Are Its Advantages For Our Company?

Marketing automation is a term that everyone talks about but is often used incorrectly. When we talk about marketing automation, we are referring to the automation of personalized marketing actions based on certain criteria defined by each company in its strategy.

The important thing in the definition that we have written before are the words in bold that we have included.

  • Automation: Using marketing automation platforms we will program actions such as sending emails with information, displaying personalized content, or offering an offer to the user without the intervention of the marketing or sales team.
  • Personalized: The marketing actions we execute can be personalized for each user. This is possible since we can use the information we collect from the user in all channels of interaction with the user. We can put name and surname and customize the offer to the user’s needs.
  • Criteria: To be able to automate and personalize successfully, the most important thing is to be able to have the information that allows us to segment correctly. We will be able to execute a message to a user, for example, appealing to the financing options for the sale of our product based on the user’s access history to information on payment methods for our services.

To carry out this automation, companies use technological platforms. Depending on the company, we can automate email marketing actions, social media, and actions on the web. And depending on the needs and complexity of our marketing strategy, these platforms will have to be more or less complex and integrated.

Advantages Of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation has the following benefits:

  • Efficiency and cost savings: Being able to automate actions that we previously did manually allows us to do more with less and focus resources on actions of more value for the company. When the company begins to manage a high number of leads or subscribers, it is very complex and time-consuming to be able to track all the actions to be carried out.
  • Integration: Modern marketing automation platforms integrate several communication channels with customers on the same platform. We can manage communication in all channels more easily ensuring that there is coherence between all of them.
  • Information consolidation: Until now, keeping track of potential customers between the different channels that our company uses required the use of Excel and other tools in which we tried to collect and consolidate information to have a more complete profile of them.
  • Improving the intelligence of our marketing actions: With the use of automation platforms, we can give personalized content to the user based on a multitude of criteria such as user behavior on the web, allowing an action to be “triggered” if the user performs a certain interaction on the web. This intelligence endows our marketing strategy with great power.
  • Improving the efficiency of our marketing strategies: According to a study by Nucleus Research, companies using marketing automation platforms increase the productivity of their sales teams by more than 15%.

Automation Within Our Inbound Marketing Strategy

The use of marketing automation platforms favors the power of our inbound marketing strategies. Once our strategies are working and bringing traffic to our website and we manage to generate a lead, we can automate actions by creating automated processes.

This is called lead nurturing, and what it is about is getting from a subscriber to a lead who is prepared and more receptive to sell our products or services.

Within our inbound marketing strategy, we will establish the different workflows in the automation platform to be able to carry out actions that support and offer the right information at the right time to our potential clients.

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