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What Is Cache And What Is It For?

Surely on more than one occasion, you have heard about the cache, but do you know what the cache is and what it is for?

Would you like to know how the cache works, what is its use, and why it is important? Stay and read this post, we show you everything you need to know below!

What is the cache?

The processor cache is a high-speed auxiliary memory that is built into the processor. This memory stores the information and data that the processor must access regularly.

On the other hand, when we talk about the cache of an application or a browser, the objective pursued with the cache is the same as in the case of the processor. However, in this case, we distinguish a series of files where a set of temporary data is stored that the app or the browser will need to constantly resort to.

How does the cache work?

When the system accesses new data, it is stored in the cache. Thus, when it is required to reuse that data, the system can go directly to the cache, obtaining the desired information more quickly.

In this way, the cache will store all the data that the system needs to reach regularly to carry out certain tasks requested by the user.

Therefore, whenever you open a mobile application or your PC’s browser, the cache will give the system the information it needs to improve the efficiency of the app or the browser.

What is the cache for?

By accumulating certain information of interest in the cache, the processor is prevented from having to perform redundant calculations, improving its performance and speed. In addition, there will also be battery-saving on the device since the processor will have less activity.

The cache memory will benefit the operation of the app or the browser since it will allow the individual to perform the actions desired by the individual with greater speed and efficiency.

The cache provides great utility, allowing access to heavy web pages with greater speed and completing tasks in different applications in a more optimal way.

When to erase this memory?

Now that you know what the cache is and what it is for, you should know when it is necessary to clear it.

Clearing the cache of our browser or a mobile application is also necessary from time to time. By eliminating the data stored in the cache you can solve certain problems that may arise on different platforms.

Thus, when you observe that your browsing speed is extremely slow or an application begins to give certain errors, you can clear the cache and solve the most common problems. It will not be necessary to reinstall the app since with this action you will get your browser or app to be just installed without having to log in again.

Likewise, even if you do not observe problems, it is advisable to delete the cache between 2 and 3 times a year.

What is the difference between clearing the data and clearing the cache?

Clearing an application’s data and clearing the cache are not the same. Clearing the cache removes temporary data that the application uses frequently. However, when the application data is deleted, all the information that the app had about the user and their activity is deleted.

In this way, by deleting all the data, you will have the application as newly installed and without information about its previous use, while by clearing the cache, the application will keep the access data of the individual.

As it has been observed throughout the post, the cache memory improves the performance of the memory system and accelerates the reads, and writes that the processor needs to execute. Thus, the processor is optimized and better development of it is obtained.

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