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What Do We Know About 6G Connectivity, And When Will It Arrive?

The speed and immediacy of telecommunications are a clear sign of progress. It is a fact that technology advances unstoppably, but at the same time, permanent and globalized connections have become a necessity in many homes and companies around the world.

An example of this advance that has been key in current connectivity is mobile networks. This experience takes it to levels that we can barely imagine today. The next generation promises to transform. We are still adapting to this revolution, but 6G is on the horizon, and we are beginning to see the technology. Currently, we use

Therefore, with 2023 coming to an end, it is worth reviewing what is known about 6G connectivity.

What is 6G?

6G is the sixth generation of wireless network technology. Although it is still in development, it is expected to surpass 5G in all aspects.

With speeds of up to 200 Gbps, 6G will not only allow you to download content at enormous speed but will also facilitate new experiences such as /span> and fully connected smart cities. Advanced augmented reality

As is usually the case with all developing technology, we will have to wait until the full deployment of the potential for more exciting and valuable uses and applications.

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Key innovations

One of the goals of 6G is to achieve ultra-low latency of only 0.1 to 1 ms. In addition, it seeks to improve spectrum efficiency and the ability to connect a large number of devices simultaneously, which means a more connected future full of possibilities.

Although there is still much work to do, the potential of this technology is very promising. 6G mobile networks could be managed autonomously using artificial intelligence and automated learning as if they were neural networks that allow each node to change its role and influence others.

Companies that already see it clearly

Many companies have also begun to glimpse the potential of this technology, which will be applied in autonomous cars and artificial intelligence. The automotive industry considers 5G essential to achieve autonomous driving, but with 6G, much higher levels of innovation will be reached.

We have an example in Porsche, which anticipates significant benefits with the application of this technology. 6G will have a crucial role, especially in communication between vehicles (V2V), since the surface reflection capacity of 6G waves could significantly improve the environmental mapping capacity of autonomous vehicles.

This advance would represent a significant step towards the harmonization of data and communications for autonomous vehicles. It would allow large amounts of essential information to be processed simultaneously for driving and providing high-quality entertainment experiences to passengers.

Satellites are also expected to play an active role in ensuring uninterrupted connectivity around the world.

When will 6G arrive?

6G deployment is planned for the late 2020s, with a set of specifications ready to run the first 6G networks. However, as with any emerging technology, these timelines are approximate and subject to evolving technological development. Different countries such as China, the United States, and even Spain are already allocating resources for its development.

The race for 6G technology is progressing unevenly, but these are the main projects and resources currently allocated to its development:

United States: The Next G Alliance has been created with the aim of promoting the country’s leadership in 6G. In addition, it has agreed to invest 4.5 billion dollars jointly with Japan for the development of this technology.

China Has established working groups dedicated to 6G and claims to have launched the world’s first 6G satellite into space.

Japan and South Korea: they have announced million-dollar investments for 6G research.

European Union (EU): has launched initiatives such as the Flagship 6G project based at the University of Oulu in Finland, which focuses on research into 6G technologies.

Spain: The government has approved aid of 95 million euros for the development of advanced 5G and 6G.

We hope you found it interesting to discover what is known about 6G connectivity and when it will arrive. We are at the dawn of this technology. Still, different developed countries and leading companies are already considering this horizon, knowing that its implementation and development will represent an enormous qualitative leap.

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