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What Can You Do With Microsoft Power Pages?

In the middle of 2022, Microsoft announced that its Power Apps Portals tool would cease to exist as such to make way for Power Pages, a solution to create web pages from scratch. Since then, the company has implemented a series of developments and updates to the tool that gives us a glimpse of the path they have planned for it.

At that time, in this blog, we highlighted the ease that Power Pages gave its users to create and manage websites without the need for programming knowledge, making it an accessible solution for anyone. We also talk about its four main characteristics:

  • Personalization: Being able to create a website from scratch or customizable templates.
  • Security: Its integration with Microsoft Azure provides the tool with advanced security systems.
  • Adaptability: You can easily make your website adaptable to any device through a simple and intuitive design.
  • Integrations: In addition, its functionality is considerably extended thanks to its integration with Microsoft Azure, Power BI, Power Automate, or Microsoft Dataverse.

What can I do with Microsoft Power Pages?

As we have already said, Power Pages, through Design Studio, allows us to create and manage a professional and operational website without knowing how to program. Just like a page builder or web editor to use, the Power Pages interface will allow us to design our website intuitively and visually, being able to add elements to it in a simple way and even editing the properties of each one individually.

In addition, numerous customizable templates are available, whose components are already prepared so that we only have to change their basic properties, making the design process and initiation to the tool much easier.

Users who know how to program will see increased customization possibilities thanks to Visual Studio Code. They can use JavaScript to code advanced capabilities and use liquid templates, code components, and web APIs.

Power Pages also offers users a learning experience through its Learn Hub, which has guides and tutorials at different levels to learn how to better use the tool, from customizing templates to working with code.

Finally, its integrations with other Microsoft applications enrich the experience and enhance the solution. From publishing and viewing Power BI reports on your website to ensuring its security thanks to Microsoft Azure (it has advanced encryption, access controls based on user roles, and web application firewalls).

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