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The Best Tricks For Windows 11

Many of us use Windows daily for work or leisure, so it’s interesting to know some of the best Windows 11 tricks.

The latest version of Microsoft’s operating system was officially released in October 2021.

During this time, several updates have been released that have improved its operation, and its design elements have been refined.

With the advice and recommendations we will see below, you will be able to learn to use it like a true expert.

The best tricks for Windows 11

We will look at useful tips and tricks related to customization, storage, accessibility, and other features.

1. Start Menu

If we come from a previous version, one of the main changes we appreciate when using Windows 11 is the new start menu.

By default, it is placed in a central position on the taskbar. You can change it to have it on the left, like in Windows 10.

Go to Settings – Personalization – Taskbar – Taskbar Behavior – Taskbar Alignment – Change Center to Left.

Another very useful function of the new start menu is the possibility of shortcuts to the applications or tools you use most.

You can easily pin them to appear when you open the start menu.

In the list of All applications you have at the top right, click with the right mouse button on the application you want to pin, and choose the option Pin to Start.

You can also place folder shortcuts so they appear at the bottom of the Start menu.

Go to Settings – Personalization – Start – Folders. From here, you can choose the folders you want to appear when displaying the start menu.

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2. Storage management

If we go to Configuration – System – Storage, we can manage the storage of our equipment and free up space.

Among other options, we can delete what we don’t want to keep, delete temporary files or eliminate duplicates.

3. Personalization

From the Windows 11 customization menu, we can leave the equipment to our liking, modifying a series of options.

Changing the look of Windows 11 to dark tones can be easier on the eyes and save battery life.

To access the dark mode, go to Settings – Personalization – Colors – Choose your mode – Select between Light and Dark.

Also, here, you can activate or deactivate the transparencies in the tabs or choose the system’s accent colour.

4. Split screen

Windows 11 also launched a new split-screen system to use several applications simultaneously.

You can split the screen to have two, three, or four applications at the same time.

Hover the mouse pointer over the full-screen button in the upper right corner of a Windows window, and the options available will be displayed.

5. Accessibility

By pressing the Windows keys + H, you can activate voice typing. Click on the microphone icon, and Windows will write what you say.

Turning on the Automatic Punctuation option will interpret the pauses you make when speaking to put punctuation marks such as periods and commas in the text.

Other accessibility options let you change the font size or have Windows read text on the screen aloud.

6. Notifications

Sometimes you need maximum concentration, and to help you, you can use the Focus Assistant.

You can configure it so that at certain times or hours, you do not receive distracting notifications or choose the applications from which you want to receive notifications.

You will find this option in Settings – System – Concentration Assistant.

7. Virtual desktops

Virtual desktops are a feature that allows you to have multiple work screens with different applications open, helping you better organize your tasks and easily switch between them.

To create a new desktop, press Windows Key + Tab and click the + button at the bottom.

You can also do it from the taskbar by placing the mouse cursor over the corresponding button and choosing New Desktop.

8. Take advantage of Widgets

Widgets are small applications that show useful or interesting information on your desktop, such as the weather, the news, the calendar, or activity.

To access them, press Windows Key + W or click the widget icon on the taskbar.

You can add new widgets, hide them or customize their size.

9. Record the screen

Pressing the Windows + G keys will open the Xbox Game Bar, from which you can access the capture option to record the screen.

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