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The Best Smartwatches In 2022!

Lately, you have heard a lot about smartwatches, every so often, new models come on sale, and you may be somewhat lost among so much novelty, so today, we are going to talk about the best smartwatches you can find to date.

Apple Watch

As usual in all Apple devices, its Apple Watch stands out from others for its careful design. It will become the perfect complement to your iPhone and an instrument to quickly and conveniently check the notifications of all your social networks and emails. In addition, it is a good ally when it comes to physical exercise since it will measure your pulsations and distances travelled. Its WathOS2 operating system already has different top-rated apps developed for this wearable, such as Instagram, Twitter, or Runtastic.

Samsung Gear 2

With USB 2.0 connectivity and Bluetooth, the Samsung Gear 2 is Samsung’s best smartwatch. Thanks to it, you can take photos with its 2 Mpx camera and listen to music and measure your pulses when exercising comfortably. The Samsung Gear 2 will help you introduce technology in your day-to-day as, over time, new apps are developed to use in this wearable.

Moto 360

With an aesthetic very similar to that of a traditional watch, it will allow you to consult all your notifications at a glance. This Motorola smartwatch fulfils all the functions that a smartwatch should have. In addition, it has 4 GB of internal storage and is compatible with Android 4.3 phones onwards.

LG Watch Urbane

This LG model stands out for its circular design and strap made of water and dust-resistant material and good technical characteristics such as the Android Wear 2 operating system, 4GB of storage, and 512 MB of RAM.

Pebble Watch

It is one of the most curious wearable models since it is the first that works with the Android and iOS operating systems. It stands out mainly for its high autonomy of up to 7 days, probably the smartwatch with more independence. Its small size makes it comfortable; however, you can see all your notifications. Also, like other models, it is waterproof.

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