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Telegram: The Marketing Tool That You May Not Have Thought Of

Direct communication with our customers or leads is an important pillar of the digital marketing strategy. However, it is a double-edged sword since we can fall into too invasive communication that produces the opposite effect to what we expect.

In recent years, the leading instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram have become “professionalized” to use them to communicate with our audience and customers safely and without excesses.

Perhaps WhatsApp sounds more familiar to us as it is the most used app of this type in the Western world. However, its rival, Telegram, has nothing to envy in terms of features. We have already told you that it can be a handy tool to reach your audience and promote your brand even if you have not noticed it.

Benefits of using Telegram in marketing

The first piece of information we will give you is not trivial; In June 2021, the platform reached 500 million monthly active users and 55 million daily users worldwide. It is clear that within the platform, we can access an interesting number of users, create a community and give them a good service.

Direct communication

The big difference with WhatsApp (and the one that interests us as a company) is that it allows us to create public channels, which gives us the perfect opportunity to reach the target audience through communications and all kinds of content.

The channels do not have a limit of users who can subscribe to reach a lot of people. Depending on the type of communication you have, you can limit yourself to sharing content in the channels or allowing subscribers’ participation.

Channel with your URL

When you create an exclusive channel for your brand, you will have your URL. This will make it much easier for you to share the channel on other social networks or in your email communications since users will be able to subscribe to the channel by simply clicking on the link.

Drive traffic to your website

You can share links to your website or landing pages from your channel (or even within your channel description) to effectively increase traffic.

Increase user engagement

Telegram allows you to create surveys with multiple answers to know your customers’ opinions about your product or service. Your surveys can be anonymous and will help you to understand how customers value you and what is the current state of your brand image.

24/7 support for your customers

Another advantage of Telegram is that it has the possibility of creating bots relatively quickly. These chatbots can help us better serve our customers through automated responses, deliver content, conduct surveys, and resolve issues.

Thanks to the integration of bots, we can enrich the channel and give customers a better user experience at no cost.

Telegram ads

Finally, we cannot ignore the fact that Telegram also offers us the option of integrating paid advertisements. This feature landed late last year. Unlike the advertising we see on other platforms, ads on Telegram appear as promoted messages within channels or public groups with more than 1,000 subscribers.

This is a very subtle and not very intrusive type of advertising since the platform ensures that they will never appear in private chats or personal groups (something that LinkedIn cannot say).

As you can see, Telegram has a few points in favour of you considering integrating it into your strategy.

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