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Tech Trends Of 2023 And Their Business Changes

Every year a series of new technologies burst into the digital world that aims to change what we know. Many disappear without penalty or glory, but others become a trend and change many business models. Do you want to know which technological trends of 2023 will be a reference?

The web3, the blockchain, the metaverse or responsible artificial intelligence are four digital technologies that will prevail, and it will be necessary to monitor how quantum computers evolve closely.

5 Tech Trends of 2023 You Should Know About

So that you can get the most out of the technological trends that will come in 2023 and be ready when they lead the market, we will show you a brief analysis of the top 5 technological terms you should keep in mind.

If we understand the great changes they will bring and how they can affect the business sector, we can use them and squeeze them to the maximum for our benefit.

Learn about web3, blockchain, metaverse, responsible artificial intelligence and quantum computers.

First Tech Trend 2023: Web3

We start with web3: the future of the Internet? This is the case; we are facing a new stage that will decentralize the use of the network.

Until now, we have known about web2, which allowed all users to have a voice on the Internet and could share information through social networks and communication tools.

Although web2 is big: it is controlled by a handful of companies that keep our data in exchange for enjoying that interaction and digital leadership.

On web2, Microsoft, Amazon and Google store most of the world’s information in the cloud on their servers.

Until web3 breaks with that unwritten concession.

Based on the blockchain, web3 adds a layer of trust and decentralization that favours both users and companies.

Any technological giant will no longer control the data circulating through the network. Thanks to the new internet protocols, they will be managed and distributed, with mechanisms to verify their authenticity without the possibility of manipulation.

On the web2, Microsoft, Amazon and Google store most of the world’s information in the cloud on their servers.

Advantages of the web3

Therefore, web3 will be faster, more secure and more open to users than ever.

We will be the owners of our data; there will be no problems with the crash of servers or censorship by large technological lobbies, it will not be possible to impersonate identities, and online payments will have a reliability never seen before.

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The second technological trend in 2023: Blockchain

web3 is based on blockchain technology. A concept that reminds us of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, but its potential goes much further. This technology, which we can translate as blockchain, is like a ledger where all records are linked and encrypted to protect data security.

Each transaction or block has an incorruptible time stamp, which certifies its veracity, when and where it was created. We can share information and digital assets securely without relying on intermediaries who have access to that data. The users themselves verify and validate the transactions.

What business benefits will it bring?

In a globalized and collaborative business, ensuring the integrity of a company’s production or logistics information and guaranteeing traceability throughout the supply chain will be essential. We can say goodbye to the falsification of contracts, financial movements or products, handling loads during transport or doubts regarding quality protocols.

And what about the data that feeds the algorithms of artificial intelligence? Well, thanks to the blockchain, we will know that they are reliable and truthful data so that they can generate their patterns and predictions.

Third Tech Trend 2023: Metaverse

Now we enter a slightly more familiar technology: the metaverse.

The metaverse is a concept that, throughout this year, has been repeating itself and getting into our heads since Facebook announced its change to Meta, a virtual space for its social network. However, the metaverse still needs to be created.

Different companies have been working for some time on developing solutions for this new digital reality, which offers participants an immersive and multisensory experience.

Thanks to this technology, users can interact digitally through their avatars and connect through a virtual reality viewer and other interaction accessories.

The term metaverse originates from the 1992 science fiction novel Snow Crash, which refers to a shared virtual world that resembles real physical space.

A new channel for business

Metaverse business opportunities are an important market for many companies.

For example, virtual spaces may be used for work teams. A real qualitative leap in personnel management, especially given the growing relocation and the commitment to remote processes in human resources.

In addition, we will be able to test the acceptance of new products before their launch and estimate their success,

Other examples of business opportunities will be organizing large events and even charging admission, checking the results of projects before their actual execution, organizing visits within buildings or businesses, checking the visual effect of reforms or setting our avatar with exclusive and luxury clothes. That will have to be paid if we want to stand out.

The virtual world opens up various possibilities for all brands and business sectors.

The monetization of the metaverse will be a new scenario for companies.

Fourth Technology Trend 2023: Responsible Artificial Intelligence or AI Ethics

Developing responsible AI is one of the great current challenges. Suppose we are creating intelligent machines that learn autonomously based on data with which we have trained them. In that case, we must ensure from their design that this data does not show bias and is aligned with ethical, social and cultural values.

The design of responsible artificial intelligence systems will consider efficiency, empathy, diversity, equality or security when executing actions.

The tram dilemma, posed in 1967 by the philosopher Philippa Foot, is one of the ethical problems applied to autonomous cars. How do they prioritize saving a minor’s life over other possible scenarios in the face of an accident?

Another example of the need to develop values ​​for AI is from recruiting systems, which were shown to favour white candidates because their technology was created without taking other facial features into account when detecting behaviour.

Different groups of experts and institutions are already working on responsible virtual intelligence.

Since artificial intelligence is one of the most important technologies of the 21st century and makes decisions autonomously, it must be endowed with values ​​and ethics.

Fifth technological trend 2023: Quantum computers

And since we are with artificial intelligence, we close this article on technological trends of 2023 with the most surprising of all: quantum computers.

This type of computing is a reality; quantum computers are already being built. But everyone is in the quantum race.

And why this international interest? Because traditional computing is reaching its limit regarding computing power, memory capacity and energy consumption. The development of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, is slowed down.

Quantum computers will make it possible to solve problems hitherto unthinkable due to the amount of data involved.

They will be used to promote the development of artificial intelligence and store millions of algorithms that improve processes related to data encryption and the security of digital transactions, the production and logistics chain, product design and financial predictions. Everything will be much more precise and accurate.

Quantum computers may only partially take hold in 2023, but great advances must begin to be followed and understood.

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