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Streaming | Boost Your Digital Presence

Streaming has become one of the most used resources in today’s digital marketing world, not only because it generates more engagement but also because it allows you to show yourself to your customers in a closer way.

However, to share videos representing your brand, you have to have a strategy behind your content and adapt your website to support the new resources you will use to transmit your videos.

Do you want to know how to enhance your digital presence? Keep reading…

What is streaming?

Before you start thinking about your strategy, you should be clear about what streaming consists of. It is a technique that allows you to transmit audio and video content over the internet, which began to become popular thanks to social networks.

Streaming has become the most practical solution in current times, both for companies that have had to increase their online visibility and those professionals seeking to generate greater impact with their digital marketing strategies.

Streaming has become a key channel to continue education in a non-face-to-face way or to develop workshops outside of a physical place. It allows you to expand the horizons of your content and your brand like never before. There are even those who have already started streaming to get more online sales.

In addition, according to CISCO, it is expected that by 2021 more than 80% of web traffic will be associated with the consumption of some video content. That is why you should be considering the need to develop audiovisual content.

What sectors can transmit videos by streaming?

The advantage of having a streaming content strategy is that it can be easily adapted to any company or business. Each one will have its peculiarities, but the main objective is to transmit the content through video, which everyone can do.

Streaming classes

We have all witnessed the rise of online classes during the quarantine caused by Covid-19. This format has been applied to almost any type of class, from elementary schools to cooking classes.

Learning through a live video or a video that you can pause, fast-forward and consume whenever you want makes the learning process much easier than through text.

Online Events

Fairs and events have been one of the sectors most affected by Covid since the first thing that was avoided was the gathering of crowds in closed spaces. For this reason, organizers of large events are already thinking about experiences of online fairs, where videos are used to interact between exhibitors and those attending the event.

Digital communication is going to focus more and more on streaming.

Online lawyers

Although it seems unreal, law firms have already chosen to offer consultancy through video platforms. For this, it is key to understand the needs of your website’s public and bet on offering advice and guidance to each of them.

It is not about giving away your service but about awakening the need in your users. Through this type of orientation, your potential clients will be much more willing to hire you.

Online gyms

The sports sector, led by gyms, may have been betting on online videos for the longest time. Just look at the large number of sports routines that abound on YouTube. However, it is a market that requires constant content updating to keep users active and motivated.

With the transmission of videos by streaming, anyone who cannot go to the gym will also be able to follow sports routines online, from home or anywhere, and stay in shape.

Medical consultations

Don’t think of it as a classic video medical consultation. But rather as a way to help and accompany your patients in a closer way, even if the distance does not allow contact. It is probably more interesting for patients to watch a video discussing the benefits of the treatments than a text with instructions.

That is why video content is becoming increasingly important in almost every industry.

What do I need to stream?

To offer quality content from your website, you will have to consider that video content is much heavier and will increase the load on your website’s servers, so it is not recommended that you load your server with these files.

To do this, the best alternative is to bet on video embedding, that is, take advantage of the resources of external platforms to host your video files.

The best thing would be to bet on streaming platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, or Dailymotion for this task. In this way, your videos will no longer be downloaded from your website but these platforms. This way, you will save your server resources and have a more efficient project since:

  • It will be more scalable, and you will not need to have a gigantic structure to support all content.
  • Your website will be faster, and you will not load your site with audiovisual files.
  • The video platforms are easy to manage and have a friendly and easy-to-use interface.

In addition, these platforms are designed to facilitate the embedding of videos, so it will be easy to incorporate them into the WordPress CMS.

However, it would help if you considered the need to redesign your website to give the videos the relevance they need, facilitate user navigation and get the most out of your streaming strategy.

Boost your marketing strategy thanks to streaming

For a long time, multimedia content has been taking over the top positions of Google. For this reason, it is becoming more and more relevant to have attractive and quality videos for your audience so you can boost the positioning of your website.

However, as we have said before, it is not about making videos to be done. The idea is that you define your objectives, analyze your competition and understand your audience. In this way, you will be offering quality content, and it will most likely be consumed and even shared.

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