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Search Engines: Tips For Good Positioning

Search engines are PC devices that permit you to arrive at different reports on the Web per the client’s data in the pursuit bar. The web search tool chronicle contains the addresses of the relative multitude of locales on the Internet, regardless of the quality, amount, or dependability of their items. In unambiguous terms, by the web crawler, we mean programmed programming equipped for gathering a limitless measure of information to be given upon demand by the client.

Today, the Web is an imperative asset. Given the various components that make it up, the web search tool returns an exact, precise, and reasonable listing, understanding its applied rationale. On a PC screen, the web crawler shows a primary connection point in which the logo of the product shows up and a bar in which to enter the pursuit question. Among the most used web search tools all over the planet, name, for example,

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo! _
  • Yandex (Russia)
  • Baidu (China)

The first of these, Google, is undoubtedly the most popular and widespread. Thanks to algorithm updates over time, this software has expanded its functionality to obtain a User Experience capable of distinguishing it from the competition. In recent years, in the world of the Web, and especially when it comes to search engines, techniques related to SEO have gained increasing importance. This acronym, from the English “Search Engine Optimization”, means the activity aimed at improving the visibility of a website in the search results form. Let’s analyze this concept better together.

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Search Engine Positioning

Positioning relies a great deal upon the variables that impact the ordering arrangement of the web crawler. Today, having great situating implies being available in the Google SERP, or rather, among the initial five query items that appear to the client following the words entered in the pursuit bar. To accomplish this outcome, the following two distinct paths are conceivable:

  • Paid: by paying a sum that will allow you to obtain the first position. However, you signal the user that the content is advertised or sponsored.
  • Organic: make the most of the quality of the content, then use the proper SEO techniques without resorting to expenses.

The logic behind this second case can be summarized in a sentence that has become a real mantra among Web enthusiasts: “Content is King”. It is the contents and their organization within the page that determine the actual success among the public of Internet users. Thanks to using the right keywords, it is possible to make Google Spider capture the content we want to offer in the best possible way. However, the latter must possess some essential elements so that the efforts are rewarded by Google, improving positioning and, therefore, visibility.

Content Quality

The contents must deal with useful topics with a certain degree of authoritativeness and be capable of establishing a stable and lasting bond with one’s target audience.

Original Content

Plagiarism and being a crime are penalized by Google, causing you to lose positions in the search results. The contents must therefore be original, capable of dealing with topics even from multiple points of view, using the right words in a correct position without tripping over the obvious and penalizing “copy and paste”.

Clear Content

The Web is a world of immediacy; the user wants to have “everything” and “immediately”. Consequently, based on these needs, content creators must be able to use the proper practices to ensure that the user has the solution to his questions quickly and at hand. The contents must be evident, with few words, and aim at the heart of the speech. An example of clarity can be found in the technique called “funnel”: this consists of immediately serving the customer the answer to his question in the first paragraphs of text he encounters. In contrast, as he proceeds, the various insights and explanations will be found in the second part of the text.

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