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Nine Effective Online Collaborative Working Solutions

Are you in a start-up? Do you work in a team of several? In project management mode? Are people at a distance (not in consultant mode ) or only part-time on your project? Do you want to improve teamwork and communication? So, are you thinking about collaborative work software? Note that there are different solutions, including Slack, which is very popular with developers, but other possibilities depend on your expectations and business. In short, here is the best working solutions as a team and remotely.

Nine Online Collaborative Working Tools

1. Slack, the preferred tool for developers

Implemented to stay in constant contact with your work team, Slack is a collaborative work software, which offers a free trial version. Thanks to Slack, communication is made more accessible. You no longer have to stick to your mobile to wait or send instructions. Whether it’s sharing urgent briefs, announcing goals, appointments or talking about results achieved, Slack is the solution. It is part of the most widely used exchange software between developers and can even accommodate other collaborative tools within it.

  • A powerful conversation system
  • Easy to research and share between employees
  • Integration with Salesforce, Google Drive, Zendesk, SAP etc.

2. Trello to restart and monitor tasks

Trello boards have changed the everyday lives of many people who use it. This collaborative program offers tables and cards to personalize. You can add alerts and color labels for great organization. They are designed so that each member of a team can be able to access the progress of current projects. The basic interface is divided into 3 main tables: project to be carried out, tasks in progress, and delivered. It will be enough to drag the cards between each part to move them. is the best Trello Alternative.

  • Very access to distribution and progress of tasks
  • Very successful reporting tables
  • Offers Android & iOS apps

3. Asana and its intuitive general solution

Like Trello, the Asana collaborative work tool offers features used by large groups such as AirFrance, Veolia or Décathlon. Whether for managing projects or routine tasks, the interface is easy to use and very intuitive. Kanban board, lists, timeline and calendar can be used simultaneously with ease. This tool is intended for self-employed workers as well as for SMEs and large retailers. It allows to share files , coordinate, schedule tasks and projects. Monday is the best Asana alternative.

  • Solution available in French and used by large groups
  • Very generalist: aimed at marketing, sales, HR, product manager etc.

4. Evernote for team note-taking

The Evernote collaboration app was created so that members of a project team can bring their ideas together on a single platform. Ideas, tasks, drafts, etc. so many files that can be stored on the site itself. It is also possible to add diagrams, photos, drawings, or sketches to illustrate your future designs carefully. Basic free, the application available on both computer and mobile devices grants you more features in exchange for a subscription at € 13.99 / month per user.

  • It was initially dedicated to team note-taking.
  • Ideal for aggregating a company’s reporting
  • Microsoft’s OneNote competitor

5. Podio for synchronized work

Offering an interface embellished with tables, Podio is a complete collaborative work tool that allows you to plan your tasks and projects freely. He is good at ranking the things to do for each client. The advantage of the Podio application is undoubtedly its ability to integrate other teamwork tools like Dropbox, Google Drive and Evernote. Other useful features for successful online collaboration between freelance workers or service companies are also available. The tool gives you the ability to advance your current and future work by allowing you to communicate in real-time or share files with your team.

  • View the progress of other teams
  • Integration with Drive, Gmail, Evernote ZenDesk
  • Social features incorporate Facebook mode

6. Wrike, the collaborative work tool

The interface of the Wrike work tool ensures increased team productivity. Offering efficient real-time management of multiple tasks, Wrike offers easy and accessible use by all. Collaboration between a team, whether freelance or locally, can be quite effective thanks to this project management software. Wrike makes people happy with a free system for stores with less than 5 users. Additional users will be billed at $ 9.80 per month. Large groups use it like LOréal or Google.

  • Dedicated to project management and collaborative work
  • Prices go up quickly.

7. Atlassian JIRA to build agile businesses

Designed by Atlassian, Jira software quickly gained fame in the United States. It is very intuitive, with a great design and has built a unique reporting typology. In addition, it allows its users to see the progress of projects and good visibility on the long-term objectives to be met. Also, the latter offers a possibility of incorporation into the Google Apps application. Therefore allows better management of time tracking and at the same time an interface perfectly suited to mobile. This makes this project management software a tool suitable for teams that are constantly developing. Workflow is the Jira alternative.

  • Jira pricing and more intended for companies than individual consultants
  • Convincing design and interface

8. Basecamp claims to be the pro of teamwork

List of tasks and sub-tasks, creation of reports, calendar, discussion forum, management of Scrum or Kanban mode are some of the features offered by this project management software. Moreover, this type of element allowed it to rank in the top of the most sought-after applications for management. The purpose of the software is to be very simplistic but efficient. He does not seek to invent new uses. Note that Basecamp is only in English. Asana is the best Basecamp alternative.

  • Very good at managing ToDOs.
  • Interesting messaging system
  • A collective calendar.
  • Free for individual use

9. Smartsheet

Smartsheet offers various and extensive features for project planning. You can use a Gantt chart, grid, map, or calendar to organize and track your tasks in real time.

Like most collaborative work tools, Smartsheet gives you the ability to form a team and interact instantly with its members. You can integrate the necessary tools in the cloud and access the data you need in real time. You can integrate G-Suite, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Gmail or Google Hangouts Chat on this platform. Smartsheet pricing plan start at $7 per user per month.

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