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The Most Anticipated PS5 Games For This Year 2022

We have been in 2022 for a short time, and many are already wondering about the games they will play this year. As many platforms are in operation, we will focus on one with many followers in our country, as with the Sony console. For that reason, we will tell you some of the most anticipated PS5 games for 2022.

The most anticipated PS5 games of 2022

Every new year the different video game developers strive to show the world what they can.

The end-user decides whether or not a game is good and, above all, if it is worth buying it out.

But for that, they have to be convincing with the trailers or be part of a much-loved saga and maintain a good quality standard.

Today we have to talk about the best games for PlayStation 5 for 2022. And this year aims to be one of the most important of the Japanese companies for the number of powerful launches scheduled.

Some have a lot of history behind them, and others are called to be a bet on the system that will make it very interesting. Now we tell you what they are.

God of War: Ragnarok

How the last Ghost of Sparta game ended! No, we will spoil what happened in one of those that are considered a must-buy if you have a PS4. Still, we must recognize that those of Santa Monica Studios were right with the continuation of the story of Kratos and its commitment to a format different from what was done in previous installments. In this installment, the player will accompany a somewhat more mature Atreus, but with much to learn still from what it means to be a god.

Gran Turismo 7

Lovers of the world of cars know that they have one of the most famous car simulators of all time on the Sony platform. Its name is Gran Turismo 7, and it is in its right name one of the most anticipated PS5 games for 2022. With each new year, the interface and car models available to race at each circuit and test your skills as a driver in the individual or online mode against other players are renewed.

Horizon Forbidden West

Aloy has already become one of this generation’s most beloved female characters. During its two installments, it has demonstrated its value and its capabilities, which can be tested in its third installment called Forbidden West. It is one of the most anticipated games for PS5 in 2022, and in fact, it can already be reserved for all those who want to have their copy ready at the time of its release next February.

Elder Ring

Another of the most anticipated PS5 games for 2022 is Elder Ring. Software is in charge of developing this game and has had the supervision of George RR Martin (yes, the writer of Game of Thrones) to elaborate the story. The system is based on the formula that we have already seen in the Dark Souls saga, with a mediaeval and gloomy atmosphere but with a rich and deep story, which will make every time you start the adventure you do it from different paths to see what you missed the last time.

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

It has been in development for a while, and already in 2021, we had the opportunity to see part of the procedure. And it is that the literary series of the Lord of the Rings that was later taken to the cinema has been given to make games beyond the films. The latest to arrive, and which is planned to be one of the most anticipated PS5 games of 2022, is Gollum, which tells the story behind the hobbit Smeagol and how it becomes the creature that protects “its treasure.”

The world of video games is also renewed this 2022, and many want to have some of these long-awaited PS5 games in their hands. Although the system is still very new, it is only a matter of time before it gradually expands its catalogue and makes the console much more enjoyable. Of course, you can not run out of the most basic, which is a fibre rate for your home.

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