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How Will Artificial Intelligence Improve Cloud Gaming?

We have been using cloud storage for a few years now, and new features based on this technology have gradually appeared. Cloud computing, antivirus, work programs, game streaming via cloud servers…

But how is artificial intelligence changing the paradigm and the very concept of cloud technology? In this article, we will try to answer this question.

Integrating Artificial Intelligence functionalities into gaming in the cloud can mean a substantial qualitative leap for its users.

But what can you contribute? Well, currently, there are already platforms that apply the power of artificial intelligence to their products. Recently, events such as the Davis Cup have integrated functionalities of this type in the hands of the IBM company to carry out real-time analysis and offer the highlights of each game based on values ​​such as the reaction of the spectators, the players or the intensity of each point. The results were truly spectacular.

In addition to this, other platforms such as Words with Friends, Overwatch, Scrabble Word Finder also use AI tools to offer real-time insights, statistics and other beneficial data for casters in the game.

On the other hand, the power of streaming computing with platforms such as PsNow, Google Stadia or Nvidia Geforce Now are beginning to rely on AI to improve the user experience, analyzing game patterns, to scare, for example, bitrate or optimal data flow for each player at each moment, based for example on the activity and attention of the participant at each moment.

Leveraging AI to improve eSports performance

Esports has been setting the pace of gaming for a few years now and providing valuable tools to organize events or provide real-time information for presenters, organizers, and viewers.

AI can help for these purposes. Replay the most exciting part of the game at any time; cut that clip by posting on Twitter. Offer the statistics of each player in real-time… Millions of possibilities are at our fingertips.

Cloud gaming, democratizing gaming

And it is that Cloud Gaming platforms, or Video Game Streaming, are a reality, and we cannot let it escape. Being able to play triple-A titles from any device, whatever it may be, anywhere in the world, without having to purchase expensive desktop computers with powerful graphics cards, is an element that is democratizing professional gaming, especially in those countries where their economy does not have access to these. The use and use of AI on these platforms can improve their quality and optimize their resources now that they are experiencing a huge boom.

Artificial Intelligence has proven its usefulness in almost any aspect of our daily lives, making many of our routine tasks faster, more efficient and more straightforward. Gaming in the cloud could not be more miniature, and it is beginning to obtain these advantages thanks to the massive use of AI in its different applications.

AI is, without a doubt, in the presence of the cloud gaming world. And what do you think of the massive implementation of Artificial Intelligence in the world of Cloud gaming?

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