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Internet Of Things: Apps For Seniors

From millennials to people over 65. The use of new technologies does not understand age. Internet users over 65 have increased their use of the Internet, instant messaging, Internet purchases, or multimedia content through the Internet. Mobile. This means that the Internet of Things (IoT) and its respective applications towards the elderly are becoming increasingly important in their lives.

But… What is the Internet of Things? It is the digital connection of any everyday object or thing with the Internet and new technologies. For this reason, the Internet of Things brings important everyday things closer to older people since it offers applications at the service of this sector so remote and in need of the digital age.

The conclusion is that both new technologies and different apps have a very relevant effect on the lives of older adults: helping them in their day-to-day lives. This objective makes them more independent, allowing them to control their medical appointments, medications, and walks and outings, thanks to GPS applications. In addition, the Internet of Things offers applications to distract them with visual content or different readings.

Internet of Things: Applications for Digital use

It is becoming more and more usual to see our elders use mobile phones and different technologies. However, its use continues to be complicated. For this reason, some apps offer the possibility of enlarging the icons and the size of the letters to facilitate the use of the phone, this being an opportunity to be connected and enjoy the advantages that the digital world has.

Some applications are:

  • Wiser: Transform icons, letters, and buttons to a larger size to make them easier to identify and use.
  • Help Launcher: allows people who have vision problems to identify objects on the mobile screen.
  • Swiftkey: Offers a keyboard large enough for an older person to use and type without problems. In addition, it contains a word autocorrect.
  • Ultimate Volume Booster: This application allows you to exceed the standard sound level to help people with hearing problems. Thanks to this app, affected people can perfectly hear calls or notifications.
  • Silver Surf: This is a mobile browser for the elderly that contains large navigation buttons, zooms to offer dynamic and readable text, as well as a high-contrast display.

Apps that make your life easier

Diseases such as Alzheimer’s, disorientation, taking medications, home telecare, exercise, listening to the radio or entertainment to keep the mind active and clear… can improve thanks to the Internet of Things and applications aimed at people more significantly.

And different apps are at the service of older people to improve their lives:

Medisafe or Medication Alarm:

They help not to forget about taking pills with alarms. And, in case this does not work, they also have the option to notify relatives if the shot has not been recorded.

Life 360 or bSafe:

Outings for exercise or walks should no longer be a problem for family members. Thanks to this app, the lost person can activate an alarm to send their location, audios, and videos in real-time.

Oscar Senior:

Connects these seniors with their families through instant messaging and video calls.

Red Panic Button:

It has a simple button that, in an emergency, puts in direct contact with the person who has been configured. The application sends a message containing the location via GPS.

Step counter:

For the most athletic, this app shares their progress, encouraging them to continue with a healthy life.

Memory games:

Application to stimulate the brain.


A platform to listen to the radio as a good alternative to clear your mind.

Which provide?

The different applications seen can contribute to the elderly:

Help for an independent life: thanks to this help, elderly people who suffer a problem or mishap, can benefit from remote home assistance and home automation, whose objective is the user’s well-being.

Help for health and social assistance: they allow the elderly to have a better quality of life.

Disconnection and leisure: elderly people can access new types of activities and leisure from their own homes.

MediaRoom Solutions and its services

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Other services and solutions.

New technologies and apps do not understand age. More and more older people are demanding and using technology since it guarantees a good inclusion of the elderly in society and allows them to have the necessary autonomy to enjoy life.

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